Vagabond Anxiety Day

Today I am getting ready to leave my quiet forest nest to go and sing to the wide world again.  I’ll be away from home, performing and making people happy, almost all the way from Litha to Mabon.  It seems like such a long time.

I know many of you don’t get to be home for years at a stretch.  You have my respect and my sympathies.

At the moment I’m facing down the mountain of things I must pack, and trying to laugh at the thought that my cats won’t remember what I look like by the time I return. 😉  They will.  They’re far too smart to forget.

This is a big shift from the thought process of the girl who lived solid nomad-style for upwards of eight years.  Having a house (and cats and plants and stuff) is weird.  It changes your brain.

I hope that you’ve each got really fantastic plans for your summer– and I mean intentional plans, too, not just vacay– and that you can look forward to those plans as deeply as I’m looking forward to mine.  Even though, just now, I’m nervous as hell.