Write, Record, Repeat

Working on recording new things this week, as well as some very patient projects that have been waiting their turn.  The belle of the ball today is a collaboration with a friend, a song called “Black Swan Blues” that I get a chance to make my own.

And no, we’re not talking about something inspired by the Black Swan film or by the popular financial events analysis book- though there is one quote from that book’s author (Nassim Nicholas Taleb) that I really appreciate: the normal is often irrelevant.

The phrase Black Swan has a whole bunch of connotations these days.  The most popular one seems to me to be what people call Black Swan Events.  World War I, for example.  More on all of that here.  In the case of the song I’m working on, we’re thinking of Black Swan in a different sort of way – think of a black swan as a black sheep, crossed with an earthquake or a thunderstorm. 🙂  A mover and a shaker.  Someone you least expect.  A prophet.  A radical.  A witch.  A god-form.  Joan of Arc.  Christ on the day he dressed down the money lenders.

Sound fun?

Stay tuned. 🙂  I may post a video blog entry of the recording process in a bit.

Special thanks to SatyrPhil, Syme, and Sandi for letting me run off with this idea and give it guitars.  Looking forward to the return of Arpeggio the Webcomic.