Welcome Home!

Last night’s relaunch concert for SidheHaven and its community near Olympia was 100% divine. Bekah Kelso and I wrote a new song together for the occasion, and our first-ever performance of it last night was verrrrrry well received. We’re working to get it recorded now. Please enjoy the lyrics for the time being. Thanks to last night’s crowd for a brilliant debut, and thanks to Betsy, Ryan Kelso, Autumn and Jenny for adding their own mojo to this new piece at a moment’s notice!

WELCOME HOME (the SidheHaven song)
Lyrics/music by SJ & BK 2014

Drive through the tunnels of green ’til the pavement ends
Where you can’t see the lights of the city when darkness descends
Under the watch of the mountain, we make our way
Let out your laughter and offer it up to the Fae

Weavers and dreamers out under the stars
Walking the mystery right where we are
Follow the firelight, follow your heart
Know you belong here, right from the start

Welcome home
Let the magic happen
Here we stand
In our own backyard
Hand in hand
Oh we started something
Bless this land
Let your heart recharge
Well, Welcome home

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