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May 7 & 10 online show + Firebird’s Child club remix!

May 3, 22

Hi, folx! Just a couple of quick things to share with you for the month of May.

THING ONE! I hope you can join me this May 7 OR 10 for this month’s online show! Get your ticket for $5 or more here! My special guest will be my story-bestie Catherynne M. Valente, and she’s got a new book out that’ll knock your fairytale socks off. Come and hear her read passages from her work (her voice, her delivery, AND her writing are all quite good, I’m telling you!) between songs! We’ve also got door prizes available, including signed goodies & jewelry inspired by my lyrics, unlocking at 25 tickets sold & 50 tickets sold. Invite your friends, choose the showtime that suits your schedule better (you only need one ticket for both May 7 at 2pm Central and/or May 10 at 9pm Central), and join us!

Here’s an image you may share on your socials if you like, to help us spread the word.

More about Catherynne & her new Middle Readers novel, Osmo Unknown and the Eightpenny Woods, which she describes as a gender-swapped Persephone story, set in the world of Where the Wild Things Are.

THING TWO! Bandcamp Friday will be back again this May 6 from midnight to midnight Pacific! I’ll be doing a special Bandcamp release of the brand new “Firebird’s Child” remix, on which I got to collaborate with Dead Beat, my new Midwest witchy DJ buddy! It’s streaming on all the usual places now (YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer & more) but if you’d like to download it directly from me, you may do so starting this Friday via my Bandcamp store! Bandcamp Friday is when the Bandcamp platform gives artists an extra cut of sales on the first Friday of just about every month; they’ve been doing this for us since before the pandoodle began.

New song + show tonight!

Apr 1, 22

Hi, my stars! It’s Bandcamp Friday, April Fool’s Day, AND Concert Day for me!

I didn’t get this new live song posted in the middle of the night like I’d planned, but here it is now: http://music.sjtucker.com/track/april-fools-day-live-2022

I wish you a sweet, fulfilling April Fool’s Day with only good suprises!

Come see my online show TONIGHT or Sunday afternoon if you can: https://onlineconcertthing.com/product/s-j-tucker-2022-04-01-9-pm-cst/

Thank you all for letting me be your Sacred Fool today!

Online shows April 1 & 3!

Mar 25, 22

My next online show is one week from tonight with a replay on April 3rd! Remember, one ticket gets you access to BOTH shows, so you can watch both or choose the one that fits your schedule better, and you’ll be eligible to win door prizes! Your tickets & tips will help me support not one but THREE causes dear to my heart: my FL Phoenix Festivals community, 🇺🇦humanitarian aid, and the folx whose lives were affected by the March 19 shooting in my hometown (nobody wants their hometown in the news for something so awful, but here we are).

I’ll post some door prize reveals over the next few days. Please invite your people, and please come! See you soon!
Get tickets: onlineconcertthing.com/product/s-j-tucker-2022-04-01-9-pm-cst/

The org helping victims of the shooting in my hometown on March 19 www.deltaneyo.com

Humanitarian relief for those fleeing Ukraine, through the Basel School of Business

My festival community in Florida who had their event canceled earlier this month. I’m supporting them so they can rise from those ashes, as they have done for me. www.phoenixfestivals.com/about

Quick update for March 2022!

Mar 4, 22

Hi, everyone! I’ve got lots of news and links to share with you today! Here goes.

We have a Swiss-based cousin whose colleagues are taking a long trip today, March 4, to get supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border. If you’d like to support what they’re doing, use this link to donate: https://tinyurl.com/bsbschoolfund More information here.

My musical colleague Daniel Katsük (you may also recognize his voice-over chops in Dragonball Z or Full Metal Alchemist!) released a book of children’s stories on my birthday! It will soon be available to order everywhere, but for now, here it is on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/mysticallakesbook

Bandcamp Friday is BACK all day today, March 4! Please feel free to share my music link around & download anything you might have missed. I’ve got everything I can afford set to “name your price”, and if you spend money on me, I’ll get a slightly larger share from midnight to midnight Pacific. Thank you!

I don’t have an online show this month, BUT I’ve got one live appearance on March 18, my first of the year, an outdoor event down in Florida. Please let me know if you’re planning to be there! More info here: http://sjtucker.com/tour All my thanks to Phoenix Festivals for rescheduling to bring me back, after all this time, since the 2020 event was postponed! (Also, if anyone knows any good swimmable springs to visit near Bell, Florida, please let me know! Have mermaid tail, will travel!). It doesn’t look like this event will have a virtual option for those unable to attend in person, but rest assured that I am still advocating for as many witchy events and cons as possible to do this from now on.

My next online show on the theme of Tricksters in Wonderland will be April 1st with a replay on April 3rd! Tickets available now: https://onlineconcertthing.com/product/s-j-tucker-2022-04-01-9-pm-cst/

Yesterday, March 3, actor and puppeteer Melissa Stanton released a new short film which features my song, “Witch’s Rune”! I’ve added it to my soundtrack placements video playlist for your convenience: click here to watch!

Strowlers on YouTube!

Feb 14, 22

I made a new playlist on my YouTube channel for TV & film projects that have licensed my music, so you know it has to start with my favorite modern fantasy series, STROWLERS! Thanks to the #Strowlers team for making their content available & free on YouTube for the first time!

The pilot episode of Strowlers features two songs of mine and they’re also woven into leitmotif throughout the score: “Burn Me Out” and “Mirror Self”, from my Burn Me Out EP. There’s more Strowlers content than what I have on the playlist, and even more to come. If y’all believe in magic, I need you to see this.

Follow @Zombie Orpheus Entertainment for even more! They make cool stuff!

Feb 6 online show & new Bandcamp release today!

Feb 4, 22

Hi, folx! I’ve got only one online show this month, Sunday February 6 at 3pm Central, shared with Renée Janski! Just counting down the hours until showtime now, and I’d love for you to join us! Here’s the ticket link! If you miss it, I’ll offer the video for purchase later at Online Concert Thing.

Bandcamp Friday is TODAY, February 4, and I’ve re-released some old live tracks for the occasion! Grab them at my store here! You can listen before you purchase. All artists will receive an extra 15% of each sale from Midnight to Midnight Pacific time! Thank you all for your support!

Last month I was interviewed on a new-to-me podcast called Shadow Transmission, curated by my new friends in the underground goth & darkwave music scene of Central Arkansas- I didn’t even know we had one of those, neither the scene nor the podcast! Anyhow, I think the interview and the episode turned out great! DJ Hollow is an excellent host and I really enjoyed our conversation. Listen here or wherever you enjoy podcasts.

PSA: As far as I know, it came to the attention of just about the whole internet on February 1st that one purported NFT marketing website claimed it was offering NFT’s (art or other media sold exclusively via cryptocurrency) involving music by just about every musician you can think of, even those of us out here chugging along under our own power, without a record label & with the help of your support, like me. Since it hadn’t yet come up until now, I just want to officially let you know that, unless you hear otherwise directly from me, any NFT site or product claiming to be involved with my music is lying. Please take care and don’t get scammed. I am taking steps to protect my work from this kind of presumptive near-theft, and I will be keeping an eye on the situation, along with my musician’s union, my digital distributor, and my legal counsel.

Sorry to get so serious there at the end! Thank you for sticking with me in this new year. I hope that you are well and safe, and that you have everything you need right now!

Book Bard online show tonight!

Jan 14, 22

It’s been 13 years as of yesterday, January 13, since the Ravens in the Library anthology & the online #SaveOurSooj benefits, together with all the brilliant makers and musicians and authors and artists who make it happen, came to my rescue. I go days at a time without thinking about the scar, but not a day goes by that I’m not grateful.

2009 was before the ACA, let alone before we were all so accustomed to crowdfunding as its own thing. I was an indie musician with no health coverage, and the surgery I had to have could have pulled me out of my career and into a mountain of medical debt. But my community wasn’t having that.

Come see the online show tonight and help me celebrate!  Get tickets here!

LAST DAY to back #RedShoes!

Dec 5, 21

If you read this before Midnight Pacific time TONIGHT (Sunday), and you haven’t yet had a chance to back and pre-order the Red Shoes novel, today is your last chance to do so before the funding campaign closes. 

Depending on the final total, author Phil may be able to commission a new song from me to accompany the book.  That’s what we’re hoping for.  Take a look here, and please take part if you can.  

I did a reading of one of my favorite parts during my concert last month.  Watch it as a separate clip here. The book is badass, and I recommend it highly.

Online shows this weekend & more!

Nov 18, 21

It’s been a beautiful week here in the enchanted forest, and I’m excited to share a bunch of stuff with y’all today about my online show this Sunday, November 21st at 2pm CST.  

Firstly, your ticket of $5 or more helps me help my hometown food bank, the Dumas Food Pantry, where my mother volunteers every single week.  Thanks for that!  Secondly, now that we’ve sold over 50 tickets in advance, (56 as of this writing!) I’m adding door prizes!  Everyone with a ticket is eligible to win. The admins and I will draw winners at random during the concert.  

I’ve unlocked a gorgeous tiger’s eye pendulum from my personal collection as our first door prize. You won’t believe the flash on this thing. At 60 & at 75 tickets sold, I’ll unlock a 1oz jar of loose incense donated by Phae’s Fantasy in OR (and I’ll contact the winners to check on your allergies & sensitivities just to be safe).  At 100 tickets, I’ll unlock a stunning sterling silver dragon goddess pendant donated by Celtic Knot Works/Deva Designs in AZ!

This next part we only just announced on Tuesday. Want a NEW, EXCLUSIVE SONG download from Heather Dale & me, featuring both of us + Ben Deschamps? Everyone who get tickets for my Sunday show AND Heather’s Friday show will get a new, unreleased mp3 from us! We’ve been recording together remotely, sending files and sound recordings back and forth. Super fun! Go here & add both shows to your cart so we can send you what we made: http://onlineconcertthing.com 

I’ve been filming outdoors this week for the Sunday concert, as the weather allows, and I’ve got some costume surprises I’ve been saving for you.
I threatened to sing at least one song while wearing my new mermaid tail once we reached 50 tickets.  
Now we have, so it’s on!
Wish me luck flipping my fin around for the first time!

One more thing to get excited about.  I hope you’ll all pre-order and back Satyr Phil Brucato’s new novel, Red Shoes. It’s become a project dear to my heart.  The POV character is a young dancer with as much sense as attitude, for the most part, and her story is one packed with magic and intensity, no less badass for staying vulnerable and, ultimately, human.  I’ll be sharing a brief reading from one of my very favorite parts during my concert, with the author’s permission.  Phil has been my friend since my first year on the road, so I admit my bias.  But I’m telling you, this story and its treatment of music, magic, grief, and personal growth has a lot to offer.  I truly believe it would’ve resonated with me whether or not Phil and I had ever met.  

If the campaign succeeds past its loftiest stretch goal, I get to write a tie in album about it, featuring my usual acoustic sass, PLUS more songs like my latest gothy single, “Alchemist Eyes”.  Phil is a prince, believing I should get paid for creating such a beast, bless him.  If all of that sounds good to y’all, please pre-order your print, audio, or digital copy of the book, and get other perks if you like, to help it succeed. 

Baring my soul about #RedShoes in our video interview, with moderator Kwiley (bottom left), author Phil (top left), and audiobook narrator/producer Ivy Tara Blair (bottom right)!

Next month, remember that I’ll give a Midwinter Music online show on December 20th at 9pm Central.  Video will be available for purchase afterwards for those who can’t make it or will be fast asleep at that time, time zones being the tricky things they are.  Also, everyone who pledges to my Patreon, regardless of amount, gets access to all of my online show video recordings.  Join us over there if you wish.

Big November update!

Nov 5, 21

Lots to share this month!  I’ve released a new song called “Alchemist Eyes” this morning- the first version, anyway! Listen here: http://music.sjtucker.com/track/alchemist-eyes-redshoes-teaser-mix

I’m launching this song in tandem with the pre-order and Indiegogo launch of Phil Brucato’s novel, Red Shoes, in part because Phil borrowed the song for the YouTube trailer he made to announce the book!

Watch the trailer here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YO9Jk5-qEI

If pre-orders of Red Shoes go very well through IndieGoGo, there’s a chance I’ll be invited to help create an entire tie-in record for the book!  It’s an urban fantasy novel with magic, dance, music, and several different flavors of badassery, and I do recommend it. Pre-order and back it here:  tinyurl.com/GetRedShoes

My next online show, featuring some watery songs, old and new, will be November 21st at 2pm Central: https://onlineconcertthing.com/product/on-the-water-s-j-tucker-in-concert-2021-11-21-0200-pm-cst/

If you haven’t pounced upon it already, Betsy Tinney has released her newest record, LUMINOUS, this very day:  https://music.betsytinney.com/album/luminous

Leslie Hudson is offering a discography bundle for Bandcamp Friday, including her lovely new release, Hemlock Honey and Crows: https://lesliehudson.bandcamp.com/

And my friends Sharon Knight & Winter and Tuatha Dea will perform online this weekend, for Virtual Hexenfest 2021! https://onlineconcertthing.com/product/virtualhexenfestlite-2021-10-16-0700-pm-edt/

Please also mark your calendars for my Midwinter online concert, which will be December 20 at 9pm Central: https://onlineconcertthing.com/product/midwinter-music-s-j-tucker-in-concert-2021-12-20-0900-pm-cst/ Thanks for reading, everyone!

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