Online Show: #MusesontheRoad Double Feature


Join the best of bandmates for a Saturday evening live performance on OCT, followed by a replay of the online Muses on the Road show from November 2023!  Sooj & Lynda will perform a shared set (with appearances by the other two Muses if possible!) live on OCT for the very first time, and then they’ll be in the chat to share the magic of last autumn’s Hexenfest tour all over again.  $8 and up helps the band and OCT keep the lights on until the next great event. Exclusive merch and downloads will be available for this concert only, including an extra special autographed item: Ginger’s new Sacred Flow pre-release EP! All our thanks to OCT for making this possible!

Soul-siblings & singer-songwriters come together to rock your world: hippie warrior Ginger Doss, groove goddess Lynda Millard, blues priestess Renée Janski, and pixie queen S. J. Tucker!  There will be rock.  There will be jazz.  There will be truth, tears, laughter, and perhaps even the perfect kaleidoscope of spiritual awakening.  Join us for a magical, multi-instrumental, four-part-harmony makin’, connection driven performance like no other, featuring original songs by each band member, as well as old favorites brought to new life.  #MusesontheRoad.  Get on board.  

Ginger Doss: vocals, keys, drums

Renée Janski: vocals, keys, bass, drums

Lynda Millard: vocals, bass, flute, guitar, drums:

S. J. Tucker: vocals, guitar, bass, drums