“The voice of lore at the campfire and the sharp laughter of modern myth…       S. J. Tucker is songs and stories, community and wit.”-Phil Putnam

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“Tucker is not only fantastic; she’s like a character out of a fantasy novel. She weaves myth and magic into her lyrics as easily as a strain of cello, a lick of something electric, the chuffing of a train engine…Tucker has a knack – no, a genius – for weaving old ways with new.”

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“One of the foremost songwriters in the world of cabaret, Mythpunk, Faerie, Pagan, and general kickassery, S. J. has released over ten albums and isn’t stopping anytime soon!  If you like silly, sweet, fierce, funny, magical, mythical music, then S. J. Tucker is sure to enchant you.”


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My PantheaCon Schedule this weekend!

Feb 15, 17

Haven’t been to PCon since 2010, so I’m quite a bit excited about this!  Here’s what I’ve got on my very lovely plate.

FRIDAY 7pm, Carmel/Monterey: Celia’s concert!

SATURDAY 3:30-5pm, room 945 (Feri suite): Sooj & the gang will entertain!

SATURDAY 7-10:30pm, Cedar/Pine: Mythpunk Masquerade! This is our BIG show.

SUNDAY 3-5pm, room 1067 (Hexenfest suite): Mythpunk Masquerade Micro! This is our house-concert-style show.

SUNDAY 9-10:30pm, Carmel/Monterey: Sooj’s themed concert, Shapeshifters & Siren Songs!

SUNDAY 11pm-12:30am, Cedar/Pine: Hecate at the Crossroads, Tempest & Nathaniel’s ecstatic musical ritual!


Sister-friends Shauna Aura Knight and Lupa will both be presenting as well- go and find them and learn amazing things!


It’s gonna feel so gooooood to make music with Sharon, Winter, Betsy, Nathaniel, Dogwood, Tempest, and Celia again this weekend.  I’ve been laying as low as I can for the past week in order to recover from outpatient surgery and get my energy back, so that I can bring the music and the magick when I get to San Jose.  I may not be able to play as hard as I’d like, and I may not be able to play certain requests (“Firebird’s Child”, I’m looking at you), but I will be there, and I will be as generous with my voice, my presence, and my magick as I can.  Wish me luck!