“The voice of lore at the campfire and the sharp laughter of modern myth…       S. J. Tucker is songs and stories, community and wit.”-Phil Putnam

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IN THE WORKS: S. J. is home for several weeks, taking a very well-earned break from traveling to catch up on her work in the recording studio.  She has many new digital releases planned for this month, beginning with “Imbolc Song”! 

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“Tucker is not only fantastic; she’s like a character out of a fantasy novel. She weaves myth and magic into her lyrics as easily as a strain of cello, a lick of something electric, the chuffing of a train engine…Tucker has a knack – no, a genius – for weaving old ways with new.”

C. S. E. Cooneyblackgate.com

“S. J. Tucker sounds like no one else out there.  I’m not sure if she is fairy, shape-shifter, otherworldly, or just a super intelligent, super perceptive young woman…Critics have compared her voice to Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos, her guitar style to Emily Saliers. I believe she is a complete original coming straight from Neverland where Magick is real.”

—Phil King, Audiofuzz.com


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New Tunes Everywhere!

Feb 19, 18

I have a lot to share today, and most of it is new music.  New music that you may enjoy right now if you wish!  I have managed to release SIX new songs since the beginning of this month.  I hope you will celebrate this victory with me!  You may listen to each of them here, for free, and download/purchase them if you choose:  http://music.sjtucker.com  I’ve also posted them to my YouTube and SoundCloud channels.

Here’s a little bit of info about each one.

I released “Imbolc Song” at the very beginning of February, in time for Imbolc/Candlemas/Groundhog Day.  Imbolc, on or around Feb 1st or 2nd, is the witchy counterpart of Groundhog Day. It’s a holiday for celebrating new beginnings and is even observed as the true start of spring. Irish goddess Brighid is wrapped up in Imbolc, and lots of folks think of it as her holiday. She’s a fire goddess, a hearth goddess, and is also considered the patroness of bards, smiths, and poets- I like her for all of these reasons. She’s still celebrated as a goddess in Ireland (and elsewhere), right alongside Saint Brigid. In Haiti, she is known by many as Maman Brigitte. She came to the Lwa pantheon, often revered right alongside the Catholic Saints, in the Caribbean via transported Irish and Scottish indentured workers. Brighid crosses cultures and pantheons, which makes her a great figure to look to where cultural sensitivity is concerned, and how we can step that up (both as individuals and as a spiritual community) as we walk our path “with both eyes open”.   Milk is a traditional offering at Imbolc, hence my lyric, “pour the milk upon the ground.”  Listen: http://music.sjtucker.com/track/imbolc-song

“Bad Business” is the digital single I released earlier this month in memory of friend and benefactor Brennan de Soto. Any and all download revenue that comes from this track will go immediately to Brennan’s widow, my friend Niki de Soto. If you are able to do a paid download of this one, I thank you so much. I have been able to send $400 directly to Niki already, since this tune’s release on February 8.  Brennan licensed this song from me (and paid up front to cover my recording costs) in 2016 for a Supernatural-style film project. I am proud to offer this new version of the mix in his memory.  When I learned of Brennan’s early death, I reached out to Niki to ask if I could offer her the download revenue from this unreleased tune to help with funeral costs. The song is about those of us who always ask more questions, always look deeper, and sometimes get ourselves into trouble as a result. We enchant. We inspire. We both share and keep our secrets.  Listen: http://music.sjtucker.com/track/bad-business-in-memory-of-brennan-de-soto

“Look to the Water” is another single for now, but will definitely be part of a full length release later this year!  I’m making it available from now through the Spring Equinox.  Listen: http://music.sjtucker.com/track/look-to-the-water

Lastly is the “Burn Me Out” digital EP, which I released on February 16th, in conjunction with the screening of the pilot episode of a show called Strowlers- I cannot wait for you all to see it, it’s so gorgeous, with such a rich story.  The goal of Strowlers is not just to create an awesome indie show and film series, but also to encourage other content creators to make their own films, art, music, and more in the world of the original story.  I am so proud to support the project and concept as a songwriter.  Listen: http://music.sjtucker.com/album/burn-me-out-songs-from-the-world-of-strowlers

These are all the new works I’ve been cooking this winter so far!  I hope that you get a chance to listen and enjoy these tunes soon. I will have a lot more to share with you over the next few weeks, if all goes well.  

BONUS:  “SNOW MOON” IS AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW! My ephemeral moon tune is back!  Get it here: http://music.sjtucker.com/track/snow-moon

With all this personal momentum I’ve got going, my more ambitious goal for 2018 is to release TWO new CDs if I can.  The digital releases will come first, and the download revenue will help me to afford the mastering, printing, and replication of physical media/CDs.  I will open up pre-orders as well, when the time comes.  Of course, you all will hear each bit of my news first, as that process unfolds, as I glide toward my goals.  My wish-word for this period of traveling a little bit less and recording a whole lot more, is “effortless”.  I’m working very hard, but there are certainly aspects of it all that are going super smoothly.

Thank you all for being so supportive of my work, and of each new piece!