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“The voice of lore at the campfire and the sharp laughter of modern myth…S. J. Tucker is songs and stories, community and wit.”-Phil Putnam

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NOW PLAYING: S. J. has conjured and concocted a heavily jazz & blues flavored album called Stolen Season!   Listen free, download, and order your copy!

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IN THE WORKS: S. J.’s  been posting new songs on her YouTube channel and recording music for a paranormal indie film, editing a new music video, and doing preliminary work on her next mythic folk record! Spring festival appearances kicked off in March with the Phoenix Phyre Festival down in Florida, and there are lots more on the horizon.  View the Tour Schedule here as it fills up.

COMING MAY 2016: Tuatha Dea & Nightsong Studios present THE GREEN ALBUM! 

New music from S. J. Tucker, Tuatha Dea, Wendy Rule, Sharon Knight, Winter Jp Sichelschmidt, Celia Farran, Bekah Kelso, Ginger Doss, Damh the Bard, Kellianna Girouard, Spiral Dance, Spiral Rhythm, Murphey’s Midnight Rounders, Brian Henke, and Mama Gina LaMonte!


Stolen Season promo photo by Wild Hunt Photography

Photos by Wild Hunt Photography

“Tucker is not only fantastic; she’s like a character out of a fantasy novel. She weaves myth and magic into her lyrics as easily as a strain of cello, a lick of something electric, the chuffing of a train engine…Tucker has a knack – no, a genius – for weaving old ways with new.”

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“One of the foremost songwriters in the world of cabaret, Mythpunk, Faerie, Pagan, and general kickassery, S. J. has released over ten albums and isn’t stopping anytime soon!  If you like silly, sweet, fierce, funny, magical, mythical music, then S. J. Tucker is sure to enchant you.”


Latest From S. J.

My Concerts and things at MarCon this weekend

May 3, 16

Lookout, Columbus! And incidentally, if you won’t be able to attend MarCon this weekend, I’m coming back through NEXT MONTH – June 21st and June 29th! I have a pretty graphic for those shows, courtesy of illustrator Herb Leonhard:



Friday, 7pm, Union E: Panel – You Got Your Song In My Book! You Got Your Book In My Song!

Friday, 8:30pm, Fayette: Panel – Everything Is Magic


Saturday, 2:30pm, Batelle South: S. J. TUCKER CONCERT!

Saturday, 10:00pm, Union E: Shapeshifter Bardic Circle (bring me your songs about selkies/faeries/werekin!)


Sunday, 11:30am, Union E: Songwriting Workshop (I plan to talk about my recent experiences with songwriting prompts, and whatever else we decide we want to discuss.)

Sunday, 2:30pm, Union E: Panel – Gigging; practical guide to making a living playing music (Tom Smith and Marc Gunn are also on this panel, so bring your sense of humor!)