New! Song! New! Video! Black Swan Blues

Those of you who enjoy it when I go to the blues place, you’ll appreciate this.

The new song is “Black Swan Blues”, a collaboration with Satyros Phil Brucato, whose current Kickstarter project is making quite the splash – quarter mil in 2 days?! Yep.  Appropriately, every White Wolf gamer on the surface of the earth seems to be throwing money at it. 🙂

The winter weather has given me plenty encouragement to stay home and work on new songs.  I’ve been wanting to make a little preview video for this for several weeks.  Finally sat down and did it yesterday!

The electric hollow body guitar there is my new girl, Stella (so named because her black and blue finish reminds me of a Stellar’s Jay.  Also, Tennessee Williams).  Her recording debut was on Wonders; she features prominently on “Sailing Song” and “Not the Villain”.  On this piece, she gets to shine even more.  The bass is my trusty Sheba, whom I’ve been playing for over ten years now.

I’ve always wanted an electric hollow body guitar for jazzy, bluesy things.  🙂

More on the song itself in my previous blog post here.