Schedule updates & stuff

In light of the need to adapt how I do my thing in the season of the virus, as many of you have also had to do in recent days, I have added a new online show for this month:

March 21 (next Saturday) 7-9pm CDT, I’ve just added an online show shared with Ginger Doss & Lynda Millard. I’ll play during the first hour.
This was originally a live show at Fayetteville, AR’s Goddess Festival; the organizers have let us take the reins to host it online instead. Same link as usual,

My March 29 online show at 2pm CDT is going on as planned.  Same link above.

All of my live events for the month of April have been postponed, which is necessary and the right thing, so I expect to add yet more online concerts for next month. Y’all please share any dates/times/days of the week you’d be able to tune in to online concerts for April. I want to include those of you who expect to be working from home, or to be home during weekdays whether able to work or not. I may ramp up how often I stream to help keep our spirits up. I’ve been thinking of maybe even streaming some of my rehearsals or recording sessions, too. Those would likely be free instead of ticketed. Whatever it takes to stay connected.

Lots of my colleagues are taking steps to make sure they can stay connected with fans and community during this national emergency. It’s possible that you’ll all soon have MANY, MANY online events to choose from, and I think that’s great news! It’s a tiny bright spot, anyway, so I’ll celebrate it. Just today I received a message about a Seattle online concert series called Bandemic. How clever is that?
Watch for more important announcements and clever puns from your various bards and faves!
For me and mine, the hashtag I’d like all of you to keep an eye out for on Twitter and other social media, thanks to my song sibling Kate Nyx, is #CabinFeverCabaret.  We’ll be using that to help spread the word about each other’s online shows in the near future, inviting other performers to use it as well, and asking you all to RT whenever you see it. We may not be able to hug each other tight safely right now, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop the music. Not.  At.  All.

If you know of another musician who’s scrambling to figure out how to adapt and make up for cancelled performances this month, you’re welcome to share with them the article I wrote yesterday, for just such a situation, on where and how to begin offering streaming concerts online.  Here is the link.  I wrote this article with my friend Ben’s encouragement, and I hope it will do some good, soothe some fears.  A brief excerpt: 

Online shows have legitimately been a game changer for me.  They’ve allowed me to tour less during winter weather.  They’ve helped me afford to visit friends without having to book a ton of live shows to do it.  More recently, they’ve helped me to keep bringing in vital income while also taking extra time off the road as a new parent.  Some of us have had to turn to streaming because of our journeys with chronic pain, anxiety, or agoraphobia. It’s a real and true lifeline, for performers and for our fans who can’t always get to a live show.  In recent days we’ve all been facing show cancellations and a devastating news cycle, but even in the face of it all, we don’t have to stop the signal. 

We live in the future, folks.  Let’s make it work for us. Keep creating, wash your hands, and remember that the music you put out there has billions of chances to help someone when they need it most.

Recap of upcoming schedule changes:

-Goddess Festival, Fayetteville, AR, March 21:  this concert is now online only and open to everyone, 7-9pm CDT, shared with Ginger Doss & Lynda Millard.  Your tickets & tips support the artists, the platform, and the festival too. $5 minimum, more if you wish.

-Online show March 29, 2pm CDT: going on as planned, no changes.

-SpiritCon in Utah, concert April 4:  postponed until September, fingers crossed.

-C. o. O. L. Beltane in Oklahoma, April 24: postponed and transforming into Samhain, concert most likely on Oct 30.

None of my May events have been called off yet, as far as I know, but of course that’s subject to change.  I’ll keep y’all posted. 
Again, please tell me when’s good for you for online shows for the month of April, and I’ll get them set up.

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