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Ember Days: the Album

S. J.’s first film score, for indie film Ember Days, hits hard and takes no prisoners! For the first time, S. J. shows her producer chops on something bigger and badder than her usual folk and fun!  Showcasing lush new instrumentals, goth-industrial elements, and even a shadow of dubstep here and there, this album also features new songs by S. J.’s friends Bekah Kelso and Alexander James Adams, composed exclusively for the film.  What’s the sound of Greek gods, Faery queens, and fallen angels all getting tangled up in each other’s dirty work?  Feast your ears on Ember Days and be inspired.  Listen for free at the download page!

“Known largely for her folk-based material, Tucker uses the [Ember Days] project as a way to experiment and grow as a composer, dipping into neo-tribal, electronic, and industrial sounds. The results are refreshing. The listener is opened to depths only hinted at in previous albums; a darker sonic tapestry that Tucker obviously enjoys playing in. Tucker, an artist who usually exudes joy and a fey sense of fun, drops the smiles here to excellent effect on tracks like “We Were Angels Once (Wake The Fallen)” and “We Are Shangri​-​La (Emerald City Mix).” In addition, we are reminded through the many instrumental tracks that Tucker can write compelling arrangements without having to rely on her able and road-tested voice.”

-Jason Pitzl-Waters,

LIMITED EDITION: until further notice, the Ember Days album is a limited edition printing of 1,000 copies, and 1,000 copies only.  Once these copies are gone, the album will only be available for download, and not for physical purchase.  Also, the physical CD includes tracks which the digital release does not: “Crossroads” by Bekah Kelso and “Ice Storm” by Alexander James Adams are exclusive to the physical album.  Get your copy now!


Price: $19.95

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