Witching Hour

You may or may not have read my blog post from several weeks ago, marking the changing of the seasons and my thoughts about having a real live home of my own for the first time. ūüôā

I’m traveling again this week.

On the bus and the train that took me north out of Boston this morning, I was reminded how much I really do love to travel, how much I love being on the move.

The fall colors helped to remind me, of course. ¬†New England is taking her time with the beauty of the trees this year. ¬†Halloween will be here in just a few hours, and yet even up in Maine, where I’m spending the weekend, the dance of the leaves is far from over. ¬†Everything is vivid and vibrant still, not yet gone to the starkness of wintertime.

Portland ME

This time of year has always made me happy. ¬†There is a definite tingle in the air that I do not feel at any other time. ¬†I didn’t know what to call it when I was a child, but I felt it then as well. ¬†There’s always magic in the air, all year, but for some reason I find it easier to feel in the Autumn. ¬†Times of transition, perhaps, allow the zaps to crackle more assertively, more noticeably. ¬†Some say the veil is thinner right now, and I wouldn’t tell them that they’re wrong.

photo 1

I’ve had a quiet and restorative season at home, but I get to round it out on the road, visiting friends and performing near Baltimore and DC, and I am absolutely thrilled. ¬†This is how I know I’ve rested enough: I’m happy being on the road at this moment, every moment. ¬†Victory.

The crew and I are hoping to get some pumpkin carving in tomorrow. ¬†If our efforts prove successful, I’ll post photos.

The Halloween Online Studio Tour is up for one more week! ¬†Visit the tour or go directly to my trick-or-treat page if you prefer. ¬†I’m donating 20% of my sales this month through the tour to Turpentine Creek Big Cat Refuge in Northwest Arkansas.