2 online, 2 in a mask: 4 shows in 2 weeks!

It’s almost October and so much is happening.  

FIRSTLY! HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY TODAY TO THE NEPHEW OF MY HEART, SEBASTIAN! If you do not yet support his genius mother Catherynne M. Valente on Patreon, please consider doing so!

I’m about to have my first in-person concerts since November 2019, yall.

Here is all the info in one place, on my tour calendar page.  

I know me, so I know I’m gonna be all sorts of vulnerable and emotional in the moment, even if I have my stage presence firmly in place and no one suspects a thing. If I do get to see you (masked and vaccinated) in Lakewood, Ohio ($15 for adults, kids under 14 free- please mask up!) one week from today or in Easley, SC (free event with your donation to charity – again, please mask up) on October 9th, there may be tears in my eyes and uncontainable joy in my voice.  As far as I am aware, both of these (90% outdoor and distanced) in-person events are going on as planned.  If that changes, I will get word to you ASAP.Rest assured that I am fully vaccinated, I will be masked unless I am singing or inhaling a sandwich between schedule items, and I will be asking folx to respect social distancing so that I don’t risk bringing any microbes home to my fellas, one of whom is much too young for the currently available COVID-19 vaccines. Wish me luck.  I know you will.  And let me know if you plan to attend either event.  

This should go without saying, but let me be clear: if you are not feeling well on either event day, if you are unable to wear a mask or to be fully vaccinated, or both if possible, please do not come.  There is no such thing as too careful right now.  Stay home, stay well, and stay safe.

MEANWHILE!  Let’s visit online Sunday, September 26, at 3pm Central!  Heather Dale & I are hosting an online watch party for our Arthurian (Guineverean and Morganaian, to be precise) Legend musical, Queens of Avalon!  How different would the story be if the queens got to be more than mere symbols, instead taking the spotlight?  What if these two women, Guinevere and Morgana, so often written as rivals, had instead met as children and vowed to be sisters forever, no matter what?  Come see what we did with it: old songs and new, cast-made costumes and props, flow arts, and more!  Heather and I will host, and we’ll be in the chat, MST3K-ing ourselves left and right.  It’s gonna be great.  Join us here at Online Concert Thing. $5 and up! 

As part of the show, Heather and I will both be offering Avalon-related goodies we’ve never even thought of before, like flow arts tutorials, handwritten keepsake-level letters from Camelot & elsewhere, video chats, unreleased mp3 collections, silk dance fan sets handmade by Heather, and affirmations from the Lady of the Lake, herself!  Of course, you’ll also get the chance to download the Queens of Avalon film and soundtrack, which are really the best bits. 🙂

While I’m in Ohio, I will ALSO be performing online, as part of a multi-band benefit for Arkansas Community Advocates, a Little Rock based organization who are allies to our unhoused population here in the state.  ALL the money from Tickets will go to AR Community Advocates, and spoilers…I’m doing a bit of a different kind of show for this one. Most of the other acts on the bill play dark wave and other similar genres of music, so, with the encouragement of our event organizer Timothy, I pulled out some of my own more electronica-influenced surprises, two of which I have NEVER EVER PERFORMED LIVE until now!   

Come, enjoy, and help us help others, 1pm Central on October 2nd! Your $10 ticket supports Arkansas Community Advocates.  

I’ll also give an online show at 2pm Central on Halloween- join me for the Bad Wolves’ Ball!  Get your ticket!

FREE online show today!

Quick post  to let you know that I have a last-minute online show today at 4pm Central, and it’s free!
Click here to watch on Zoom
If Zoom requests a passcode, use 0000

Hope you like the Children of the Horned One look I chose for today’s show.

Watchtower Temple is a new Pagan group based in Batesville, Arkansas, and this is their first event of any kind!  They originally had it scheduled as an in-person campout, but they transformed it into a virtual event for everyone’s health and safety.  Batesville is where I went to college, so this group is already dear to me by extension.  They have been lovely to work with.  

I know we are all video-conferenced out at this point, but I have to spread the word about this because if a pagan community is setting down roots there, 20+ years after I and a handful of my school friends were learning how to be witchy on our own, with no available mentorship, I wanna see it flourish!

My concert today will include long beloved favorites like “Hymn to Herne” and “Witch’s Rune”, but also my new single “Outlast” on electric guitar, and some unreleased songs!

Here’s the event schedule for today and tomorrow:


10am – Opening Ceremonies

12pm – A poppet for every purpose with Bryen Scott-Kiddy

2pm – Intro to reiki with Josh Meeks

4pm – Music by special guest S. J. Tucker

6pm – Life as an LGBTQ+ pagan

7:30pm – Music by Krista Chapman Green

9pm – Music by Louis Garou

10:30pm – Campfire


9am – Pagan breakfast chat

11am – Open floor discussion

1pm – Ritual

3m – Closing Ceremonies

Remember that I’ll be online for the Queens of Avalon screening later this month, and I hope to see you there!

If all goes as planned, I will have my first in-person concerts in 22 months during the first two weeks of October.  I’ll be in the Cleveland area on October 2nd, and in South Carolina on October 9th, both outdoor events with distancing measures in place.  All the info is here on my tour schedule page.  Whatever ends up happening, changes or cancellations or going forward as planned, I’ll let you all know.  Rest assured that I will do what I need to do to stay safe and healthy, and to help my audience do the same.

In case you missed it, I released a new single last week, “Outlast”!  Listen and download here.  Choose your own price!

New song released today!

I’m releasing my song “Outlast” today for the first time!  

You’re all welcome to “Follow” me on Bandcamp as well.  I tend to release new music there first, as it takes less time than with CD Baby and Spotify and all the rest for my new stuff to become available- no waiting period, I just click “publish” when I’m ready, and it’s available to everybody right then and there.

I wrote this song during the latter half of 2019. This week (Sept 1, 2021) I decided it was time to polish it up for release. A recent live performance of this that I filmed for my YouTube channel less than a week ago resonated with a whole lot of people, lots of you telling me that this was just what you needed to hear.  Watch that at this link if you haven’t seen it yet:
Please choose your own price to download this newly released song.  If you need it for free, come on and get it.  If you purchase it at any price, today being Bandcamp Friday means I’ll get a little bit of an extra cut! 

My hope is that download sales of “Outlast” this Friday will help me turn around and send a donation both to local organizations on the ground in Louisiana and Mississippi who are getting supplies to people without power or shelter after Hurricane Ida, AND to reproductive choice mutual aid and support organizations in Texas.  Also, of course, I hope y’all enjoy the song.

Later this month, I’ll be cohosting something special with Heather Dale, a little revival of our Queens of Avalon musical!  Come join the watch party on September 26th:

Thanks for your ears, your support, and for believing in me. 
Please stay safe and well until we can see each other face to face.  We are built to outlast.  May it be so. 

Bringing Queens of Avalon Back Soon!

My favorite Canadians and I have decided to do something very special in about a month. 🙂 Come join us! Watch parties are apparently a thing now, so let’s have one of our own…in Avalon, in Camelot, at Online Concert Thing!


The Queens of Avalon musical, written by and featuring OCT favorites S. J. Tucker and Heather Dale, revisits the famous stories of Camelot… but surprisingly reinterpreted from a woman’s perspective. Both destined to become queens, Guinevere and Morgana meet as girls and become fast friends. They come of age together, and vow to change the dragon’s curse that overshadows Morgana’s life. The fate of kingdoms lies in their hands!  

Join Sooj, Heather, and other folx from the original Queens of Avalon production team as we travel back to Avalon and Camelot together for an online watch party of the filmed stage production we created together back in 2015, with the help of our tiny, amazing crew and crowdfunding supporters the world over! Heckling & feelings are welcome in the live chat, as we’re sure to offer up all of those things, ourselves!  Very special Avalon-themed merch will be on offer from both queens for this show only!

Online show Aug 22 + Bandcamp Friday Aug 6!

Hello, beloved folx!

My next online show will be this month on August 22nd, at 2pm Central!  Come see our first Online Concert Thing variety show, featuring showcases of two performers new to the platform, Meren King and Cloud the Pagan Rapper!  I’ll be the headliner and the emcee (Mythpunk of Ceremonies).

A whole bunch of my besties also have concerts at OCT this month: Betsy & Alec & Vixy & Tony & friends have created virtual Music Under the Trees for us this Aug 7 and 8, and Renée Janski will give her first concept show at 5pm Central on August 8, wherein she’ll be busting out both her opera chops AND her jazz chops!  I can’t wait.  Go check out the upcoming shows and join us for any and all!

If you haven’t yet visited Online Concert Thing to see a show, here’s a helpful video to get you started.

Bandcamp Friday is back this week, August 6th!  That means if you purchase any downloads or order any physical CDs or books from my Bandcamp page, I’ll get an extra cut!  That goes for other music friends who sell their work on Bandcamp, too: Betsy, Alec, Leslie Hudson, Meren King, and more!  I love working with Bandcamp, and the fact that they’ve made this a fairly regular thing they choose to do for us musicians is just one of the reasons.  You’ll get instant access to mp3 downloads after your purchase, and when you order merch, I’ll ship it to you myself!  Shop here: -and thank you!

Storytelling Concert July 10!

Hello, dear adventurers! I’m grabbing my basket of goodies and going into the Old Woods for a storytelling concert next weekend! Come with me!

FIRST, here’s the ticket link:

And here’s the FB event page:

SECOND, feel free to save & share the images in this post all over social media to help spread the word. Please, PLEASE invite your people, because chances are they’re my people too, and I don’t want to leave anyone out. Thank you SO much.

THIRD, if you’ve never seen a show at Online Concert Thing before, you may find this short video from our admin James reassuring or helpful:

Online Concert Thing is 100% an independent platform, run by indie musicians just like me- people I know and have personally been on stage with, in fact, with the goal of building community for both viewers and performers.  I think you’re gonna like it. 

On the day of the show, if you have trouble getting signed on or getting your payment to go through, email right away.  Admin Ben will be watching for messages and ready to help!

Songs in a Teacup!

Some of y’all are already in the know about the relationship between me and Dryad Tea, between my music and their blends. Whether you know or you don’t, we’ve got a treat for you for Solstice. Sometimes a gal just needs to share a stage with one of her westward besties, even though we’ll be a time zone apart when we do.

You may grab your ticket here any time.

Here’s helpful vid from Online Concert Thing on how to see the show, if you’ve never visited our indie streaming platform before:

Dryad Tea’s online home:

Rubiee and I will be giving this concert together from separate time zones. Therefore, the latency, however small, in our available streaming tech means we can’t sing together. SO. WE ARE GETTING CREATIVE about ways to showcase My work as a musician And Hers as a Tea and Pottery and Related Nerd Gear Pooka QUEEN. How we gonna pull it off? Come see us. Kettle’s on.

Online Show May 1st!

Hello, bright stars!  This is a post to invite you to my online show coming up this Saturday at 5pm Central (6pm Eastern/4pm Mtn/3pm Pacific)!  It’ll be a Beltane concert in support of Circle Sanctuary, and I think (I hope, I pray) I’ll be able to go fully live this time, and not prerecorded! To that end, I’ve invited a special, fully vaccinated, dear friend to be my special guest and hostess for the show- if you haven’t seen Renée Janski perform, and if you’ve never seen us perform together, you’re in for a serious treat.  So, lots of firsts for this concert: my first show with another human in over a year, the first show in over a year that I will have been able to stream live thanks to a new camera and a new ISP, and my first show of any kind since March.  I’ll make it special for y’all, and I know you’ll be there if you can!  Tickets start at $5, and all your purchases related to the show will benefit not just me, but also Circle Sanctuary, and our sweet indie streaming platform, Online Concert Thing.  

Here’s the link to get a ticket, watch the show, and see some of the concert merch I’ve got lined up for you:

More about Renée Janski:

How to get your ticket at Online Concert Thing if you’ve never watched a show there before:

More about Circle Sanctuary (make your own donation here if you like):

I know that the start time of this concert isn’t the most ideal for those of you who’d be tuning in from Europe, Asia, or Australia.  I’ll take that into account for the online shows I schedule this summer and try to choose times friendlier to you.

The setlist I have in mind is full of familiar festival favorites, but I’m also thinking of bringing out the Hare Moon song I wrote last year while sheltering in place- happy full Hare Moon tonight, everyone! Plus, I attended virtual Waking Persephone last weekend, which was BRILLIANT, so I won’t be able to resist sharing some music and words with you that bring me back to that fantastic experience. 

^feel free to share this image around. It’s sized for Instagram, but it should translate well elsewhere, too.

The new camera I’m learning how to stream with was entirely fan-funded, and I’m so grateful to y’all for your support, whether it came in the form of Spotify streams & things like that (I do get paid, don’t worry!), purchases on Bandcamp (Bandcamp Friday’s coming up again next week, on May 7! Shop my store here), a pledge on my Patreon or a website subscription, a ticket to one of my online shows, or simply in reading this post.  You make a difference in my life, and I hope you’re safe and well, and that you and your loved ones have everything you need right now.

One last bit of news I want to share with you:  I have received both doses of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine for COVID-19, and so far so good.  I’m not ready to travel or do live concerts for a crowd of any size again quite yet, mainly because I know that not everyone has had access to the vaccine (the last thing I want to be is a reason people gather and then end up getting sick), but also because of all the other unknowns related to the virus, not to mention that I think waiting a little while longer would give us- fans, event organizers, performers, and our whole community, some time to have important conversations about what we want to bring back from how things have worked in the past, and what we want to change or improve upon.  I want the events I perform for to keep in mind how best to be more inclusive than they once were, of folx who can only be there online because they’re unable to travel or to be among crowds, of BIPOC attendees and presenters, of LGBTQIA+ attendees and presenters, of folx with varying degrees of mobility… I want to hear from all of you on this, too, please, when you have the energy to talk about it with me.  I feel that performers like me owe it to ourselves and our fans to stay vocal about how to adjust, adapt, and change things for the better. Please write me any time:

Online Show March 19!

Hello, dear folx!  Just a quick reminder that I’ll be performing online one week from tonight on Friday, March 19, 2021!  My co-stars will be Renée Janski & Ronda Jean at 7pm Central, followed by Ginger Doss & Lynda Millard, and I’ll close the evening with my concert, starting at about 9pm Central!  I’m planning a set of tunes inspired by goddesses whose names we know from world myth and different traditions, as well as the goddesses we meet in our daily lives.

Here’s the link to get your tickets at Online Concert Thing:

If you’ve never bought a ticket and watched a show at Online Concert Thing, not to worry.  OCT intern James made a quick, helpful tutorial video:

We’ll all be performing in support of Fayetteville, Arkansas’ Goddess Festival that night.  You’ll be supporting us musicians as well as that event, AND Online Concert Thing, our beloved independent community concert platform.  I was also scheduled to perform at GoddessFest last year, you may remember, and it was the very first show on my 2020 schedule that we adapted into an online show in order to help slow the spread of COVID19.  Full circle, big feelings, but it’s gonna be a great night.  Renée and RJ and Ginger and Lynda, as y’all know, have been my besties and band mates for a long time now.  This is the closest we can get for a while to being on stage side by side.  Please join us.

If you missed it last month, I got to be a guest on a whole TWO-PART episode of the podcast, Witchcraft Off the Beaten Path!  Ginger & Lynda were interviewed as well.  Check us out along with our great host Molly Dyer wherever you listen to your podcasts, or by clicking here for part one of my interview:

Here’s part two:

Here’s Ginger & Lynda’s interview:

Did you know that Ginger and I are BOTH so ready to give you sneak peeks of the unreleased music we’re working on, together and apart, on Patreon?

Here’s where to find Ginger:

Here’s where to find me and get monthly Patrons-only content that includes new music, chord charts, online show videos, and other stuff you can’t find anywhere else:

May the good news just keep coming for us all as spring approaches.  Take care, y’all.  

Bandcamp birthdays today + Online Show Jan. 24

Hello, friends and fans.  What a year it’s already been.

Just a quick post with two nice things in it for you:

1. Today is my husband’s birthday, AS WELL AS the birthday of our song sisters Sharon Knight and Celia Farran!  All these birthday bards are on Bandcamp along with me!  I invite you to honor their existence by checking out their work and making a purchase if you’re able.

Ryan’s spoken word, poems & essays (Start with “Backwoods MacBeth” or “A Quandary of Quagmires”. You’ll thank me):

Sharon’s music (let the mermaid pirate queen sing to you in her neofolk & rock-romantique style):

Celia’s music (from comedy to Irish legend to activism and back):

Recordings of mine that feature Ryan’s awesome singing voice:
“Glashtyn Shanty”
“Black Swan Blues”

A whole bunch of songs with Ryan in them, tbh: 

And some of his favorites of mine:
-the Ember Days film score:
-“City of Marrow”:
-and the 1157 remixes:

Happy birthday to these stalwart hearts, and to any of you who have a birthday this month, also!

2. I have one online concert this month, and it’s gonna be a special one, lots of filming on location and long-distance collaboration with my co-star, Kat Heatherington, poet and permaculture badass of the west.  She and both have to believe we’ll still have a country left later this month, and that y’all will still need songs and poems and pretty scenery to enjoy from the safety of your own nest.  So that’s what we’ll be bringing to you.

2PM CENTRAL (3pm Eastern, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific, 7pm GMT) 


The bones of this land deserve haunting songs and protean words to raise them. 
Join songwriter S. J. Tucker and poet Kat Heatherington for a shared online performance of words and music, poetry and songs rooted both in the soul of Kat’s desert home and S. J.’s green river valley. 
The two performers have worked together to produce concerts & events in community art spaces for more than a decade, but this will be their first opportunity to share an online show of Kat’s work & S. J.’s songs combined. Don’t miss it.

More about Kat Heatherington:
Kat lives at the intersection of art, poetry, organic gardening, queer dance parties, and strong-willed Taurus practicality. She is a queer, polyamorous, ecofeminist poet, artist, and pagan, who co-founded and lives in Sunflower River intentional community south of Albuquerque, in a river valley in the high desert. She has a passion for authenticity and emotional intelligence, which is reflected in her poetry. She has two books, The Bones of This Land and The Heart is a Muscle, both published by Swimming with Elephants Publications and available from the author, as well as on, and at your local independent bookseller.
Kat on Patreon:
Instagram: @sometimesaparticle

More about S. J. Tucker:
The voice of lore at the campfire. The sharp laughter of modern myth. A whimsical wisdom keeper whose performances run the gamut from silly to sacred and back again. Named “the voice of neotribal Paganism” by Witches & Pagans Magazine, S. J. (“Sooj”) Tucker is proud to contribute to the soundtrack of our worldwide conscious (r)evolution. With deft guitar, skillful hand drums, and a river siren’s compelling vocals, she wields an award-winning body of original music known for changing lives and healing wounded hearts, inspired by everything from beloved book characters to the turmoil of current events. Listen free & join the fan family at
S. J. on Patreon:
Listen free & order merch:

Thanks to Online Concert Thing for hosting us & for providing a non-corporate platform for independent musicians & content creators when we’ve needed it most!

IF YOU HAVE ANY DIFFICULTY purchasing your ticket or getting signed on at showtime, email our admin immediately! He will be watching for folx who need help. 

For new viewers, how to get your ticket & see the show:

I hope to see you all soon on screen.  Thanks so much to those of you who’ve supported me via Patreon, a subscription, or with your Spotify listens & CD orders.  It matters so very much, and it’s helped me stay hopeful to know you’re out there listening.