Storytelling Concert July 10!

Hello, dear adventurers! I’m grabbing my basket of goodies and going into the Old Woods for a storytelling concert next weekend! Come with me!

FIRST, here’s the ticket link:

And here’s the FB event page:

SECOND, feel free to save & share the images in this post all over social media to help spread the word. Please, PLEASE invite your people, because chances are they’re my people too, and I don’t want to leave anyone out. Thank you SO much.

THIRD, if you’ve never seen a show at Online Concert Thing before, you may find this short video from our admin James reassuring or helpful:

Online Concert Thing is 100% an independent platform, run by indie musicians just like me- people I know and have personally been on stage with, in fact, with the goal of building community for both viewers and performers.  I think you’re gonna like it. 

On the day of the show, if you have trouble getting signed on or getting your payment to go through, email right away.  Admin Ben will be watching for messages and ready to help!

Songs in a Teacup!

Some of y’all are already in the know about the relationship between me and Dryad Tea, between my music and their blends. Whether you know or you don’t, we’ve got a treat for you for Solstice. Sometimes a gal just needs to share a stage with one of her westward besties, even though we’ll be a time zone apart when we do.

You may grab your ticket here any time.

Here’s helpful vid from Online Concert Thing on how to see the show, if you’ve never visited our indie streaming platform before:

Dryad Tea’s online home:

Rubiee and I will be giving this concert together from separate time zones. Therefore, the latency, however small, in our available streaming tech means we can’t sing together. SO. WE ARE GETTING CREATIVE about ways to showcase My work as a musician And Hers as a Tea and Pottery and Related Nerd Gear Pooka QUEEN. How we gonna pull it off? Come see us. Kettle’s on.

Online Show May 1st!

Hello, bright stars!  This is a post to invite you to my online show coming up this Saturday at 5pm Central (6pm Eastern/4pm Mtn/3pm Pacific)!  It’ll be a Beltane concert in support of Circle Sanctuary, and I think (I hope, I pray) I’ll be able to go fully live this time, and not prerecorded! To that end, I’ve invited a special, fully vaccinated, dear friend to be my special guest and hostess for the show- if you haven’t seen Renée Janski perform, and if you’ve never seen us perform together, you’re in for a serious treat.  So, lots of firsts for this concert: my first show with another human in over a year, the first show in over a year that I will have been able to stream live thanks to a new camera and a new ISP, and my first show of any kind since March.  I’ll make it special for y’all, and I know you’ll be there if you can!  Tickets start at $5, and all your purchases related to the show will benefit not just me, but also Circle Sanctuary, and our sweet indie streaming platform, Online Concert Thing.  

Here’s the link to get a ticket, watch the show, and see some of the concert merch I’ve got lined up for you:

More about Renée Janski:

How to get your ticket at Online Concert Thing if you’ve never watched a show there before:

More about Circle Sanctuary (make your own donation here if you like):

I know that the start time of this concert isn’t the most ideal for those of you who’d be tuning in from Europe, Asia, or Australia.  I’ll take that into account for the online shows I schedule this summer and try to choose times friendlier to you.

The setlist I have in mind is full of familiar festival favorites, but I’m also thinking of bringing out the Hare Moon song I wrote last year while sheltering in place- happy full Hare Moon tonight, everyone! Plus, I attended virtual Waking Persephone last weekend, which was BRILLIANT, so I won’t be able to resist sharing some music and words with you that bring me back to that fantastic experience. 

^feel free to share this image around. It’s sized for Instagram, but it should translate well elsewhere, too.

The new camera I’m learning how to stream with was entirely fan-funded, and I’m so grateful to y’all for your support, whether it came in the form of Spotify streams & things like that (I do get paid, don’t worry!), purchases on Bandcamp (Bandcamp Friday’s coming up again next week, on May 7! Shop my store here), a pledge on my Patreon or a website subscription, a ticket to one of my online shows, or simply in reading this post.  You make a difference in my life, and I hope you’re safe and well, and that you and your loved ones have everything you need right now.

One last bit of news I want to share with you:  I have received both doses of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine for COVID-19, and so far so good.  I’m not ready to travel or do live concerts for a crowd of any size again quite yet, mainly because I know that not everyone has had access to the vaccine (the last thing I want to be is a reason people gather and then end up getting sick), but also because of all the other unknowns related to the virus, not to mention that I think waiting a little while longer would give us- fans, event organizers, performers, and our whole community, some time to have important conversations about what we want to bring back from how things have worked in the past, and what we want to change or improve upon.  I want the events I perform for to keep in mind how best to be more inclusive than they once were, of folx who can only be there online because they’re unable to travel or to be among crowds, of BIPOC attendees and presenters, of LGBTQIA+ attendees and presenters, of folx with varying degrees of mobility… I want to hear from all of you on this, too, please, when you have the energy to talk about it with me.  I feel that performers like me owe it to ourselves and our fans to stay vocal about how to adjust, adapt, and change things for the better. Please write me any time:

Online Show March 19!

Hello, dear folx!  Just a quick reminder that I’ll be performing online one week from tonight on Friday, March 19, 2021!  My co-stars will be Renée Janski & Ronda Jean at 7pm Central, followed by Ginger Doss & Lynda Millard, and I’ll close the evening with my concert, starting at about 9pm Central!  I’m planning a set of tunes inspired by goddesses whose names we know from world myth and different traditions, as well as the goddesses we meet in our daily lives.

Here’s the link to get your tickets at Online Concert Thing:

If you’ve never bought a ticket and watched a show at Online Concert Thing, not to worry.  OCT intern James made a quick, helpful tutorial video:

We’ll all be performing in support of Fayetteville, Arkansas’ Goddess Festival that night.  You’ll be supporting us musicians as well as that event, AND Online Concert Thing, our beloved independent community concert platform.  I was also scheduled to perform at GoddessFest last year, you may remember, and it was the very first show on my 2020 schedule that we adapted into an online show in order to help slow the spread of COVID19.  Full circle, big feelings, but it’s gonna be a great night.  Renée and RJ and Ginger and Lynda, as y’all know, have been my besties and band mates for a long time now.  This is the closest we can get for a while to being on stage side by side.  Please join us.

If you missed it last month, I got to be a guest on a whole TWO-PART episode of the podcast, Witchcraft Off the Beaten Path!  Ginger & Lynda were interviewed as well.  Check us out along with our great host Molly Dyer wherever you listen to your podcasts, or by clicking here for part one of my interview:

Here’s part two:

Here’s Ginger & Lynda’s interview:

Did you know that Ginger and I are BOTH so ready to give you sneak peeks of the unreleased music we’re working on, together and apart, on Patreon?

Here’s where to find Ginger:

Here’s where to find me and get monthly Patrons-only content that includes new music, chord charts, online show videos, and other stuff you can’t find anywhere else:

May the good news just keep coming for us all as spring approaches.  Take care, y’all.  

Bandcamp birthdays today + Online Show Jan. 24

Hello, friends and fans.  What a year it’s already been.

Just a quick post with two nice things in it for you:

1. Today is my husband’s birthday, AS WELL AS the birthday of our song sisters Sharon Knight and Celia Farran!  All these birthday bards are on Bandcamp along with me!  I invite you to honor their existence by checking out their work and making a purchase if you’re able.

Ryan’s spoken word, poems & essays (Start with “Backwoods MacBeth” or “A Quandary of Quagmires”. You’ll thank me):

Sharon’s music (let the mermaid pirate queen sing to you in her neofolk & rock-romantique style):

Celia’s music (from comedy to Irish legend to activism and back):

Recordings of mine that feature Ryan’s awesome singing voice:
“Glashtyn Shanty”
“Black Swan Blues”

A whole bunch of songs with Ryan in them, tbh: 

And some of his favorites of mine:
-the Ember Days film score:
-“City of Marrow”:
-and the 1157 remixes:

Happy birthday to these stalwart hearts, and to any of you who have a birthday this month, also!

2. I have one online concert this month, and it’s gonna be a special one, lots of filming on location and long-distance collaboration with my co-star, Kat Heatherington, poet and permaculture badass of the west.  She and both have to believe we’ll still have a country left later this month, and that y’all will still need songs and poems and pretty scenery to enjoy from the safety of your own nest.  So that’s what we’ll be bringing to you.

2PM CENTRAL (3pm Eastern, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific, 7pm GMT) 


The bones of this land deserve haunting songs and protean words to raise them. 
Join songwriter S. J. Tucker and poet Kat Heatherington for a shared online performance of words and music, poetry and songs rooted both in the soul of Kat’s desert home and S. J.’s green river valley. 
The two performers have worked together to produce concerts & events in community art spaces for more than a decade, but this will be their first opportunity to share an online show of Kat’s work & S. J.’s songs combined. Don’t miss it.

More about Kat Heatherington:
Kat lives at the intersection of art, poetry, organic gardening, queer dance parties, and strong-willed Taurus practicality. She is a queer, polyamorous, ecofeminist poet, artist, and pagan, who co-founded and lives in Sunflower River intentional community south of Albuquerque, in a river valley in the high desert. She has a passion for authenticity and emotional intelligence, which is reflected in her poetry. She has two books, The Bones of This Land and The Heart is a Muscle, both published by Swimming with Elephants Publications and available from the author, as well as on, and at your local independent bookseller.
Kat on Patreon:
Instagram: @sometimesaparticle

More about S. J. Tucker:
The voice of lore at the campfire. The sharp laughter of modern myth. A whimsical wisdom keeper whose performances run the gamut from silly to sacred and back again. Named “the voice of neotribal Paganism” by Witches & Pagans Magazine, S. J. (“Sooj”) Tucker is proud to contribute to the soundtrack of our worldwide conscious (r)evolution. With deft guitar, skillful hand drums, and a river siren’s compelling vocals, she wields an award-winning body of original music known for changing lives and healing wounded hearts, inspired by everything from beloved book characters to the turmoil of current events. Listen free & join the fan family at
S. J. on Patreon:
Listen free & order merch:

Thanks to Online Concert Thing for hosting us & for providing a non-corporate platform for independent musicians & content creators when we’ve needed it most!

IF YOU HAVE ANY DIFFICULTY purchasing your ticket or getting signed on at showtime, email our admin immediately! He will be watching for folx who need help. 

For new viewers, how to get your ticket & see the show:

I hope to see you all soon on screen.  Thanks so much to those of you who’ve supported me via Patreon, a subscription, or with your Spotify listens & CD orders.  It matters so very much, and it’s helped me stay hopeful to know you’re out there listening.

2 free streams this week + concerts to come!

Hello, shining ones.  
Joy has been at a premium for most of us this year, I know.  I’m gonna try to keep the joy and the music flowing through December, on this end and the other end of the Longest Night.  Nothing allows me to do that like CONCERTS!!  I’m gonna be part of TWO FREE streamed events this week.  

1. #GIVINGTUESDAY DECEMBER 1ST, 7pm Eastern (6pm Central, 5pm Mtn, 4pm Pacific) on my own little YouTube channel, please join me in hosting the musicians of The Green Album in a multinational reunion concert, THE GREEN STREAM!  

Watch here!

My Tennessee rock band buddies Tuatha Dea will play emcee, and we’ll hear from our org of choice, Rainforest Trust, between songs.  Performers will include yours truly, Tuatha Dea, Ginger Doss, Bekah Kelso, Damh the Bard, Wendy Rule, Sharon Knight & Winter, Kellianna, Celia, Spiral Dance (from Australia), and more.  Everyone will perform the song they contributed to The Green Album in 2016 (“1157” is my song), and we’ll discuss what the songs mean to us.  If you’re more comfortable watching streams on Facebook, Tuatha Dea will host the stream on their page there at the same time.  Hard Rock Cafe Pigeon Forge will also stream us (wow!) so there are many ways to watch.  (As far as I know, if you miss the live premiere, everything will stay archived on my channel afterwards, and also Rainforest Trust will have a permanently embedded replay on their own website.  If and when you happen to send a donation to Rainforest Trust, please tell them The Green Album sent you.)

2. THIS SATURDAY DECEMBER 5TH, 8pm Eastern (7pm Central, 6pm Mtn, 5pm Pacific) on the GreenSong festival’s Youtube Channel and Facebook page, I’ll perform for their Change Maker series.  It’s free to watch, and the org is taking donations- they’ll give me a percentage afterward, which is very kind.  GreenSong runs a stream every Saturday through December 19, with a different guest speaker and a different guest musician each week.  

Watch here.

And there’s more to come later this month! 

-DECEMBER 11: I’ll be part of the Hammertown Pagan Pub Moot’s online winter concert stream, shared with Heather Dale!  That show will be the evening of December 11th at – ticket link coming soon.

-DECEMBER 20: I’ll be a special guest during the Heather Dale Band’s online Yule concert on December 20!  Get your tickets for that here!

And now, my favorite announcement: 

DECEMBER 27 at 2pm Central (3 Eastern, 1 Mtn, Noon Pacific, 7pm GMT), please help me welcome the mighty Tuatha Dea to Online Concert Thing, in all their steampunk-rock-Americana glory!  The band and I will share a full length concert online for the very first time, and you can bet we will make the magic as memorable as we possibly can!  Get tickets right here!

In other fun news…

-BANDCAMP FRIDAY is coming around again this week, December 4th from midnight to midnight Pacific time!  Since the pandemic asserted itself here in the US back in March & ate up everyone’s touring plans, Bandcamp has waived their share of music sales the first Friday of every month, in order to help us musicians keep a roof over our heads.  That includes merch sales AND downloads at my store,  This kindness and everyone’s support has made a big difference for me, and for my fellow musicians as well, I’m sure.  If you’d all recommend my “Solstice Night” single, my “The Feast of Krampus” single, and/or my Winter Wish EP on that day to your friends and family, for their seasonal music needs, I’d be grateful.  

Winter Wish

Solstice Night

The Feast of Krampus

Winter Wish arrived last December, and I’m looking forward to those songs making the rounds in your hearts and minds again, as well as in my own.  The EP includes extra Krampus shenanigans, the Mari Lwyd, my seasonal songs, and more.

-KASHKASH MADE SOME WAVES!  This past Friday evening, I posted a little live clip of my song “Kashkash, A Nursery Rhyme” on Tiktok (follow me there at @sjtuckermusic if you like), and it blew up a little bit!  Maybe it’s the snazzy striped glasses I was wearing, I don’t know, but I’ve gained something like 1600 new followers there in 72 hours! Whatever it was, I’m thrilled to see my song get so much love.  Those of you who enjoy that app, if you have song requests for me, please share them & I’ll consider how best to present those songs for the 1-minute Tiktok format!

That’s all for now. Everyone please stay safe. We’re almost through with 2020. I’ll see you soon onscreen, I hope.

3 New Songs out today!

  1. For all of us who “don’t fit”: Girl with the Golden Ball
  2. For the strength in us when things get grim: Gosling Girl
  3. For my long-ago Train Family, and all of us who love Catherynne M. Valente’s stories: The Train Suite II: The Marginalia Line I hope these make your day a little brighter. Remember that any download or merch orders I receive today, Nov 6, Bandcamp will give me 100% and not take their usual cut. They’ve been doing this for musicians every month since the pandemic began. I have these new songs set up so that you can download them for free if you need to, but if you spend money on me today, know that I’ll get just about all of it. Shop here, and support your other faves if you’re able. We thank you.

Concert TONIGHT, new merch TOMORROW, new movie NOW!

I’m hoping y’all will be able to join me tonight, along with my story-sister Catherynne M. Valente, she whose works have inspired heaps of songs from me over the years.  We have cooked up quite the show for you, full of readings by Cat and songs by me, some of which I have rarely, if ever, sung for ANYONE outside my own house.  We also reminisce a bit and get into our feels about shared adventures past, and shared adventures present, such as they are.  NOTE: this is a longer online concert than any other I have given in almost a full year, clocking in at about two hours and twenty minutes.  If you can’t stay for the whole thing, we still want you with us.

Get your ticket and tune in here:

We begin at 7pm Central/8pm Eastern.


Once upon a time in 2006, at a science fiction convention in New York, author Catherynne M. Valente (the Fairyland series, Space OperaDeathless) introduced herself to unsuspecting songwriter S. J. Tucker.

Soon after, they hit the road as fast friends to share combined book launch-concert performances across North America. These shared shows often combined art auctions and guest dancers or circus arts acts with live music from Sooj & readings from Cat, and they ran from October 2006 to October 2013, across road maps, train tracks, and many a narrative arc.

It’s with a great deal of joy that these two fairytale ambassadors come to Online Concert Thing, their powers combined once more, to share that old roadshow goodness with you, across the internet. Cat will present readings from her various award winning works, and Sooj will pair those readings with songs of hers which Cat’s stories have inspired, such as “Firebird’s Child”, “Not the Villain”, or “Girl with the Lion’s Tail”.

We like to think that there’s nothing else like this little circus in all the wide world, and so we hope you will join us.

Bonus announcements:

-tomorrow brings another Bandcamp Friday, which means if you download music from me or purchase merch at, I will get 100% of the money you spend on me.  Everything I can afford to mark down is set up so that you can choose your own price (including free!) and whatever purchase you make, helps me keep working and singing.  I’ll be adding a new merch item to the store tonight- remember my children’s book, Rabbit’s Song, based on the Blessings track of the same name?  I can now ship those out personally, which means I can autograph them for you, right here at home!  

-Speaking of books, the Daughter of the White River audiobook I produced last year around this time, about the brief life of Arkansas folk hero Helen Ruth Spence, now has an accompanying documentary film!  The documentary is a VERY ROUGH, but very genuine edit called “the author’s cut”, it features an all-local cast and crew, and as of yesterday, you may purchase a download of it, along with a music bundle I put together which includes songs of mine officially licensed for the film.  Go here to check it all out:

-Later this month, I will give a short concert as part of the ATC’s Virtual Hekate’s Sickle festival.  Info on that is here:

-After that, I’m planning to take a break from online shows until mid-November, when I’ll share another reading-concert with the delightful Fire Lyte, brilliant poet and host of the Inciting A Riot podcast:

Thank you all for reading today and for making it to the online show tonight if you can.  Should you miss it, don’t worry.  We will have the recorded video available for purchase at  Also, if you’d like to join my Patreon or my website subscription, all of my patrons and subscribers get those videos for free each month after they occur.
Join Patreon:
Subscribe right here on my website:

Show with Catherynne M. Valente Oct 1, new press, new FILM, and new merch!

Come see Catherynne M. Valente and me do our reading-concert roadshow Thursday, Oct. 1, hosted by Online Concert Thing! The fun starts at 8pm Eastern, Cat will read to us, I will sing to you, and we’ll both offer some word goodies and some music goodies you can’t get anywhere else. Click here for your ticket! If you don’t yet know Cat’s work, I highly recommend her Patreon. She and I have been friends for most of our adult lives at this point- the promo photo up there is from a tour we shared in 2009, and I write a lot of songs about her books.

And speaking of books… 

It’s been eleven years since illustrator W. Lyon Martin, “Mama Dragon” Trudy Herring, and I created the Rabbit’s Song children’s book together. I realize some of you may not have known this even existed, but if you listen to my stuff, you’ve most likely heard the song. Well, this past week Lyon helped me acquire enough personal stock of the book that I can finally offer (signed!!) copies along with my CDs online! I’ll make these available for purchase on Oct 2nd, which is the next Bandcamp Friday! From Midnight to Midnight Pacific, Bandcamp will defer their percentage so that musicians who sell their work on Bandcamp will get 100% of the money you spend on us that day. Here’s my merch & downloads link!

And here’s my cute work crew (Captain at the helm and Lil’ Jesster as asst. tractor operator) bringing the pallet of books to my studio for me this past Wednesday. 

Meanwhile, podcast hosts dear to my heart have been as busy as the rest of us in these COVID19 times. Nightgaunt of The Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard podcast interviewed me for episode 31, about my history, magical practice and music, and parenting for weirdos, among other things. We had a great visit, as we always have. Listen here or look the podcast up on your favorite app.

In more hyperlocal news, it’s…ME! Reporter Courtney Lanning of the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper attended the online September 19 Pagan Pride Day show I shared with Heather Dale and Sharon Knight, and she wrote a sweet feature article about her experience of enjoying the music I make. Read it online here if you like! I’ve got some print copies coming my way because friends in town made it their personal mission to hunt them down for me. 

…that headline, though!! I think Courtney is good people, and I definitely want her to cover more of my concerts now!

One last thing; I know I’ve loaded this post with a lot for y’all to take in. Remember how I have this devotion to the folklore and interesting history of the place I come from?

Remember how I wrote a song about, and then narrated for Audible Denise Parkinson’s book about Arkansas’ Depression-era folk hero Helen Ruth Spence, who only lived to be twenty-two years old?

Remember how I mentioned that Team Helen was hoping to produce and release a documentary film to accompany the book that would further celebrate the Arkansas Delta, the White River houseboat communities of the early 1900s, and Helen’s brief, spirited life?

It’s happening! Denise will host a watch party of “the author’s cut” version of the documentary film in just a few days, and I’ll be helping her get the word out about it! I’m also working out how to host downloads of a combo package to include this rough edit of the film and the music that Team Helen officially licensed from me early on! I’ll hopefully be able to offer that combo as a download on October 2nd as well, at my same merch link, and also at the brand new River Sisters Productions page!

As far as I know, the watch party will be September 30, hosted by the DeWitt Era-Enterprise’s Facebook page here, courtesy of podcast host Deane Marks. If that changes, I’ll update this post to reflect the new info. 

Here I am location scouting with Denise in early 2018, within sight of the historic White River Bridge at Clarendon, before the Federal Government ordered it destroyed, instead of preserved like the Delta landmark it deserved to be.

OKAY I THINK THAT’S EVERYTHING FOR NOW. Oof. Thanks for checking out any and all of this, my dears. Stay safe, please.

New interview + live from my bathroom??

Tonight, if you’re free, join me in the YouTube chat for “Witches & Wine”, a casual interview show which welcomed Ryan and me as their guests for their most recent episode! Here’s the link, set up as a premiere for this evening. If you miss it, no worries; the show will be available to watch later without the live chat.

CW: visible alcohol in glasses & a wine bottle; adult language, magical practice, parenting. You’ll also hear my one and only song about a butthole, currently exclusive to the interview. Surprise!

And now for the silliest guest star opportunity I’ve accepted this year (it’s gonna be great)!

Many of you already know my band buddies Tuatha Dea from Tennessee. If you don’t, look them up. I love this band to death, and they’ve always felt like family when we’ve had the good luck to share shows over the past five years. We keep in touch pretty regularly, and so when Danny got in touch last week, I didn’t turn down the chance to be part of their Patreon concert this coming Sunday, even with the added condition that I would have to be brave/silly enough to perform for you IN MY BATHROOM.

Did I mention said bathroom looks like a mermaid cave?

Support the band for $20 to watch this ridiculousness, plus all their other streamed concerts for the month! It’s a steal.

Hoping this post cheers y’all up a tiny bit whenever you see it. Love you, stay safe, wash your hands, don’t lose heart.