Schedule change!

Hi, fam! I won’t be going to CauldronFest this weekend after all, so I’m posting to let you know. There’s a possibility I’ll get to stream a live online show instead; stay tuned! Meanwhile, I have to tell you that Pagan Unity Fest this past weekend was like coming home. PUF is a festival that has welcomed me with open arms as a performer since my very first years on the road. It was an honor to be there again with community, and I’m so grateful. I love my job, I love my band mates (Lynda couldn’t join us because she was under the weather, but we did our best without her anyway), and I loved our PUF crowd. Closing the show with “Come Down”, “Beetz in my Salad”, and “Firebird’s Child” back to back felt like the perfect rebirth that it was.

April 2024 shows & news

Hi, everybody!

My first record turned twenty years old a week and a half ago! Have a listen:

I have a good handful of concerts & appearances this month, one online, and all the rest in Tennessee! Here they are:


Puf was one of the first festivals ever to hire me as a performer, just about twenty years ago, and to keep asking me back! I can’t wait. More info:


I can count on one hand the times I’ve gone to a festival just to be there, so when The Witch’s Garden invited me to come along to CauldronFest this year, I said yes! I might only be performing a tiny bit with Ginger & Lynda during their Saturday night show, and singing for fun at the Witch’s Garden booth. Come hang out, shop the merch booth, and have fun! Entertainment for CauldronFest 2024: RAW, Primal Rhythm, and Ginger Doss & Lynda Millard! More info:


552 S. Main, donations welcome! Come hear me perform “Rabbit’s Song” and get your own copy of the book signed! Many thanks to The Broom Closet for hosting; costumes encouraged!


6:30-9:30pm Central, WATCH HERE on FB Live or HERE on Twitch!

MoxieFest is a multimedia music event hosted by the one and only Moxie Buttercup, cyberspace magicologist and correspondent for KateNyxTV! It’s all the wild whimsy of a May Day music festival, without the parking hassles, bug bites, or greasy fair food. [Unless that’s what you’re into, in which case…go for it!] Featuring performances from Rorie Kelly, GooJour, S. J. Tucker, and Roxie and the Rockettes! Celebrate the Spring in the Place That Isn’t a Place. It’s time for the Coziest Concert in Cyberspace! Thanks to the remarkable Kate Nyx (and Moxie) for inviting me!

Lots more concerts from May through October are already confirmed, and I intend to keep adding others as they solidify! All the info is here:

I just completed and shared this month’s goodies for my Patreon patrons! Add your support here if you like:

Thank you all for staying on this magical ride with me. It would be desperately hard to pull it off without you!

Milestone Time!


Let’s have a dance party: ​–3lUFyLU​

Or listen on Bandcamp if you like: ​​ and grab that “name your price” (including FREE) download any time if you don’t already have it, or get it for a friend.

The Youtube playlist features the original (first printing) cover of my first release, Haphazard, of which there were only 1000 copies- if you’ve got one, you’ve been with me a long time. Nitia Cheveallier’s Medusa Sooj album art for all the successive print runs is my favorite of the two, but I’m proud of the young woman I was in this photo cover, you better believe it. I’m proud of every note on that thing, not least because my recording engineer at Young Ave Sound in Memphis, who was very kind in spite of himself, quipped at one point TO MY FACE, “it’s not like we’re recording an ALBUM here.”

Watch me. And then watch me keep going.

Hopefully I can find time to go live and sing some of these tracks across social media as the weekend unfolds, so we can stretch this celebration out! Keep your eyes and ears open.

Thanks for all your support & love, everybody. I feel it. It gets me through more things than I could name in a timely fashion.

Your bard, S. J.

ps–lotta shows coming up for the rest of this year, more and more confirming all the time.

Details: ​​

pps–new goodies coming to my Patreon next week! Join tiers from $1-$20 any time: ​

March doings!

Hi, everyone! I had some schedule changes this month, and more new shows opening up for the spring and summer. Here’s what’s coming up between now and the end of March!

March 16 & 17: FREE EVENT

Misfits Market Expo in Jackson, TN

Look for me on the first floor with The Witch’s Garden collective both Saturday and Sunday! I’ll be singing intermittently, selling my merch, and helping my coven buddies peddle their witchy wares!

VENUE: Carl Perkins Civic Center, 400 S Highland Ave, 38301

HOURS: 10am-7pm March 16, 10am-5pm March 17.

I was originally scheduled to sing at an event in Lenoir City, TN that weekend, but the organizers made the call to postpone due to a number of factors. Let me know if you’ll be in Jackson!

March 23:

S. J. (Sooj Foxclaw) Performs on Second Life!

The Forest of Hours


2pm SLT

More details soon! Feel free to connect with me if you’re on SL in the meantime!

I’ve got some really fun things planned for April, May, June, and July, with a few still pending confirmation. Keep an eye on for all the concerts as they form up, but I’ll definitely be back in Tennessee next month, and in TN, AR, and NC during May! 

No small number of you are supporting me on Patreon! I’m so grateful. For anyone else who’s interested in being part of that marvelous mini-world of early listens to new music, you can pledge for $1 and up when you’re ready. 

Some sad news and mutual aid ops:

Bandmate Lynda’s granddaughter Rae died last Saturday.  She was 20 years old.  We are devastated.  Help the family here if you’re able:

Help Shauna Aura Knight and her household move someplace safer:

Support for my coven mate Jenn, who’s starting over out west:

Wishing you all well,


MO Shows this weekend!

Hi, folx! If you’re nowhere near MO but you have peeps who are, please let them know we’re coming! I get to perform in Belle on the 5th and Columbia on the 6th, both shows shared with Renée Janski and Summer Osborne! Spellsinger, led by my friend of many decades Beltana, will be our special guest at the Belle concert.


WHEN: January 5, 2024 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
WHERE: OAC Art Gallery
100 S Alvarado Ave, Belle MO 65013
COST: $20 suggested donation, no one turned away!

On January 5th, The OAC Performing Arts Series will kick off the first week of our 2024 musical lineup with three absolutely fantastic musical artists, in one magical night. Renée Janksi, S. J. Tucker, and Summer Osborne will be taking the stage! These award winning musicians will play on Friday night, starting at 5pm. Come take this heartfelt journey via a plethora of original songs full of myth, mirth, fable, and story! Let’s share a cold night, in a warm space, with some fiery entertainment. Light refreshments will be served. Opening set by Spellsinger. There is no charge for this event, but donations to the artists are always gratefully accepted, and merch will be offered for sale. BYOB, for those over 21. Parking is available along the street, or behind the building. You won’t hear music quite like this, anywhere else.

Renée Janksi: ​
S. J. Tucker: ​​
Summer Osborne: ​​
Spellsinger: ​


WHEN: January 6, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
WHERE: Heart, Body, and Soul
1004 W Worley St, Columbia, MO 65203
COST:$10 suggested donation

One night only, Sooj’s first official show in CoMO ever, with two of the hottest baddies in our magical, musical world!

Asheville soon, and beyond!

Hello, everyone! Thanks to Byron Ballard and everybody at Asheville Raven & Crone, I’ve got a concert this month in North Carolina! Here are the details:

Sunday, Dec 17, 5-6pm

Meet-N-Greet with S. J. Tucker.

6pm-8pm Concert

Asheville Raven & Crone: 640 Merrimon Ave Suite 207 Asheville NC 28804

$5-$20 suggested donation to cover S. J.’s expenses, and to benefit the store! Sooj will also have merch available for purchase & autographs during the meet & Greet.

Musician S. J. Tucker is the voice of lore at the campfire and the sharp laughter of modern myth, a whimsical wisdom keeper whose concert performances run the gamut from silly to sacred and back again. Witches & Pagans Magazine named her “the voice of neotribal Paganism”, and The Wild Hunt calls her work a surprise and a delight. Whether you found her through solid crowd favorites like “Hymn to Herne” or “Firebird’s Child”, or you’re encountering her fierce, welcoming spirit on stage for the first time this year, S. J. has a song for you. With deft guitar, skillful hand drums, and a siren’s compelling vocals, she wields an award-winning body of original music, both plugged and unplugged, known for changing lives and healing wounded hearts. S. J. (“Sooj” to fans & friends) is proud to contribute to the soundtrack of our emotional, spiritual, and magical (r)evolution.

Listen for free & join the fan family:

Tour dates & blog:

Back Sooj on Patreon:

Social media: @sjtuckermusic

Songs available on all eleventy-billion streaming apps.

Extra special thanks to Byron Ballard and everyone at Asheville Raven & Crone!

Next month, I’ll have shared shows in Belle, MO and Columbia, MO with Summer Osborne & Renée Janski! I’ve got all the details for the Belle show but I’m still waiting on details for the Columbia show. All will be revealed as usual at

If you’re part of my Patreon, you already know that I have a medical adventure unfolding before me. Feel free to send energy, prayers, witchcraft, healing, and any other beautiful thing you prefer to do, and you all have my thanks. Music, friends, and family will get me through this, side by side with all of you.

Muses on the Road Tour & online show!

Yall. So much to tell that I had to write a whole email broadcast about it! Go here for all the info!

I’m so excited for this, my last and longest tour of 2023, with my beloved bandmates. We’re going all the way from the Ozarks to California and back between October 20 and November 9, and we’re scheming a Halloween online show (either Oct 31 or Nov 2) that EVERYONE can see. Support our self-produced tour dates here if you like.

REMINDER: online show March 20!

ONLINE SHOW REMINDER for this coming MONDAY NIGHT! Join me if you can, just $5 to get your virtual seat:

GRAB A SHAKER if you’ve got one and can watch the show while I’m live-I’m planning to be fully live for this one, and my librarian co-conspirators have asked me to lead a shake-a-long for at least one song during the concert. The kiddos watching along in Dubuque at the county library will be MAKING shaker eggs and maracas during the show! Can you guess which song I’m planning for this?

More info on my two shows this month, online March 20th & Tampa/Thonotosassa, FL March 31 with Muses on the Road:

Support the Red Album fundraiser here if you like: (It’s going strong, approaching 11k now!)

In addition to our Red Album production fundraiser there, each musician contributing a song to the Red Album release gets to invite TWO PEOPLE to sponsor their track especially, for $75 or more. If you’re interested in being one of my two “Devil at the Door” sponsors, send me an email at The opportunity is first come, first served and will remain open through April 30th.

I have a new interview this week, courtesy of Colleen DuVall & her podcast, Women Who Howl at the Moon! This was my first time on the show, and we had a great time chatting about music & magic. Enjoy it here:

March 2023 shows & projects!

It’s been a wild month already over here. Lots of firsts for me in the past week, including my first stitches- I am okay. Just call me Scarface. (Seriously, though, I am ok. It’s pronounced Frahnkenshteen. How are You doing?)

As it’s International Women’s Day today, my posse and I are attempting to raise awareness about our Red Album project, which is a record-to-be of Pagan Voices for Reproductive Rights. Here’s the teaser for my song, “Devil at the Door”: 

If we pull this off, both initial production fundraiser and record release, we’ll be sending donations of every single record sale to both Elevated Access and the National Abortion Federation, amazing nonprofits who help folx get safe & legal access to reproductive care here in the USA. If you’d like to help us reach our initial funding goal for album production, go here: 

We will soon be opening up pre-orders for the album itself, as well! I’ll get you that link immediately when the time comes. The record will feature new music from me and 18 other pagan bands & songwriters including Mama Gina, Alexander James Adams, Meren King, and more!

MEANWHILE, I have just two concerts this month, so I’m gonna make ‘em count!

  1. Please join me if you can for my online library show March 20th at 6:30pm Central time: This one’s a solo show, just $5, produced in cahoots with the Dubuque County Library System!
  2. If you’re in the Tampa area, Renée, Ginger, Lynda, and I, aka #MUSESONTHEROAD are coming to see you March 31st! Thanks to the Mystikal Scents store for hosting us on a Friday night! Details here: 

Those of you who stopped by and  bought music from me  on Bandcamp Friday last week, THANK YOU! Now, come join us & you’ll get to hear the newest of the new songs before they are released, over at  if you like! The more, the merrier.

Shows coming up soon!

Hi, folx! I’ve got shows coming up and I don’t want you to miss em.

First: thank you all SO MUCH for showing up in all the ways that you do, especially in supporting my online shows this decade so far. Truly helping me keep bills paid and lights on, emotionally as well as externally. Catch the next one Feb 23 or 25:

No need to purchase your tix in advance- online shows can’t run out of seats-but it gives me a little joy boost & punches my anxiety in the face if you do get ‘em ahead of time. 😉 Also, you’ll get an email reminder before the show begins so you don’t miss it. Win, win.

Free preview on my YouTube just posted yesterday, with CC:

Special downloads & other merch for the show (videos are here if you can’t attend the streams):

THIS COMING WEEKEND I’ll be in PA for Modern Mythicon & my first in-person shows of the year! Let me know if you will be there?
I’ll mask when not on stage, but feel free to come say hi or give me a big wave if you’ll be social distancing! I support all of this.

Any link that I’ve included for y’all here, please feel free to share it with others!