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New Tunes Everywhere!

Feb 19, 18

I have a lot to share today, and most of it is new music.  New music that you may enjoy right now if you wish!  I have managed to release SIX new songs since the beginning of this month.  I hope you will celebrate this victory with me!  You may listen to each of them here, for free, and download/purchase them if you choose:  http://music.sjtucker.com  I’ve also posted them to my YouTube and SoundCloud channels.

Here’s a little bit of info about each one.

I released “Imbolc Song” at the very beginning of February, in time for Imbolc/Candlemas/Groundhog Day.  Imbolc, on or around Feb 1st or 2nd, is the witchy counterpart of Groundhog Day. It’s a holiday for celebrating new beginnings and is even observed as the true start of spring. Irish goddess Brighid is wrapped up in Imbolc, and lots of folks think of it as her holiday. She’s a fire goddess, a hearth goddess, and is also considered the patroness of bards, smiths, and poets- I like her for all of these reasons. She’s still celebrated as a goddess in Ireland (and elsewhere), right alongside Saint Brigid. In Haiti, she is known by many as Maman Brigitte. She came to the Lwa pantheon, often revered right alongside the Catholic Saints, in the Caribbean via transported Irish and Scottish indentured workers. Brighid crosses cultures and pantheons, which makes her a great figure to look to where cultural sensitivity is concerned, and how we can step that up (both as individuals and as a spiritual community) as we walk our path “with both eyes open”.   Milk is a traditional offering at Imbolc, hence my lyric, “pour the milk upon the ground.”  Listen: http://music.sjtucker.com/track/imbolc-song

“Bad Business” is the digital single I released earlier this month in memory of friend and benefactor Brennan de Soto. Any and all download revenue that comes from this track will go immediately to Brennan’s widow, my friend Niki de Soto. If you are able to do a paid download of this one, I thank you so much. I have been able to send $400 directly to Niki already, since this tune’s release on February 8.  Brennan licensed this song from me (and paid up front to cover my recording costs) in 2016 for a Supernatural-style film project. I am proud to offer this new version of the mix in his memory.  When I learned of Brennan’s early death, I reached out to Niki to ask if I could offer her the download revenue from this unreleased tune to help with funeral costs. The song is about those of us who always ask more questions, always look deeper, and sometimes get ourselves into trouble as a result. We enchant. We inspire. We both share and keep our secrets.  Listen: http://music.sjtucker.com/track/bad-business-in-memory-of-brennan-de-soto

“Look to the Water” is another single for now, but will definitely be part of a full length release later this year!  I’m making it available from now through the Spring Equinox.  Listen: http://music.sjtucker.com/track/look-to-the-water

Lastly is the “Burn Me Out” digital EP, which I released on February 16th, in conjunction with the screening of the pilot episode of a show called Strowlers- I cannot wait for you all to see it, it’s so gorgeous, with such a rich story.  The goal of Strowlers is not just to create an awesome indie show and film series, but also to encourage other content creators to make their own films, art, music, and more in the world of the original story.  I am so proud to support the project and concept as a songwriter.  Listen: http://music.sjtucker.com/album/burn-me-out-songs-from-the-world-of-strowlers

These are all the new works I’ve been cooking this winter so far!  I hope that you get a chance to listen and enjoy these tunes soon. I will have a lot more to share with you over the next few weeks, if all goes well.  

BONUS:  “SNOW MOON” IS AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW! My ephemeral moon tune is back!  Get it here: http://music.sjtucker.com/track/snow-moon

With all this personal momentum I’ve got going, my more ambitious goal for 2018 is to release TWO new CDs if I can.  The digital releases will come first, and the download revenue will help me to afford the mastering, printing, and replication of physical media/CDs.  I will open up pre-orders as well, when the time comes.  Of course, you all will hear each bit of my news first, as that process unfolds, as I glide toward my goals.  My wish-word for this period of traveling a little bit less and recording a whole lot more, is “effortless”.  I’m working very hard, but there are certainly aspects of it all that are going super smoothly.

Thank you all for being so supportive of my work, and of each new piece!

FOURTH of Four new February releases is GO!

Feb 16, 18


I’m writing from the Seattle area today, where I’ll be performing these three just-released songs at ZOEcon this evening! Hear them right now if you wanna!  

These three songs really made me flex my producer muscles.  They’re not flawless to my ears by any means, but I’m no less proud to share them.  

Another new tune and a new review!

Feb 12, 18

I released an official single of my song, “Look to the Water” on Friday, February 9, in honor of my buddy Denise Parkinson’s birthday, and also the opening of her Delta: Rediscovered exhibit that evening in Little Rock. The exhibit showcases historic black and white photos from the early 20th-Century Arkansas Delta, taken by photographer Dayton Bowers, and also features Denise’s mini-documentary, “Daughter of the White River”, about life on the lower White River and the River People’s most famous community member, Helen Spence.  Denise incorporated this song as part of her documentary.  You can view the exhibit and the documentary together through April 28th of this year, in the Loft Gallery of the Butler Center Galleries, across the street from Little Rock’s River Market.  And you can listen to and download this single version of “Look to the Water” through the Spring Equinox of this year!  After that, wish me luck on this, it will be part of a new full length digital album. 🙂 


“Bad Business”, the tune I released just a couple of days before “Look to the Water,” has its first review- wonderful praise, totally unsolicited, and immensely appreciated!  Read it here!  Thanks so much to Audiofuzz reviewer Phil King for his support and his assessment of this new piece, which has raised $400 for my friend Niki de Soto, recently widowed.  Niki sent her thanks, and says that it helps so much.  Good job, my heart-tribe. 

Here’s that song again, if you haven’t yet heard it.


Another new song released today!

Feb 8, 18

Proud of this one.  It was a trial by fire, emotionally, to get it ready for release this week.  

I’m asking y’all do to a paid download of this one if you are able to do that, at the amount of your choosing.  

That’s because I am sending ALL of the download money for this new song to Niki de Soto, longtime friend of mine and widow of my friend Brennan, who licensed a previous mix of this tune from me when he was alive.  We sing to mourn, we sing to heal, we sing to keep the memories real.

Tiny Pilgrimage Time: the White River Bridge

Feb 6, 18

Yesterday I got to accompany my buddy Denise White Parkinson on a tiny pilgrimage.

Denise is the author of Daughter of the White River, a book which has inspired more than one new song from me in the past year, and which I am producing the audiobook of right now.  We have a lot in common, as nomadic gals who’ve both found an unexpected home in the place that raised us, and we have a lot of shared big feelings about Arkansas history, conservation, and culture.  

So when Denise, whom I’ll be supporting this  Friday evening at her Delta: Rediscovered gallery reception in Little Rock (free admission, join us!) invited me to take a little road trip with her to see Clarendon’s historic White River bridge, I said yes.


The majority of local folks hope to conserve the historic bridge, which the Department of the Interior wants demolished, and see it become the landmark pedestrian bridge it deserves to be.  I am told that demolition would cost the state (and the public) easily twice as much as conservation in this case.  Learn more about the organization working to save the bridge.

Some of y’all know me as a child of many rivers, and how much that chosen identity has inspired me recently.  Arkansas has several big rivers, all of them mighty, a little frightening sometimes, and gorgeous all the time.  I’ve spent my life admiring them when I’m at home, and I have no idea how many times I’ve visited or crossed what I think of as the big three (The Mississippi, the Arkansas, and the White River) in my life.  I still have Delta-born living relatives who remember the flood of 1927, and I am learning their stories.  As a result of all of this, I have at least one brand new river song that I hope to release this year.  Here’s a clip.  Turn on your sound. 🙂

Next month and Now

Feb 5, 18

Paganicon in the Twin Cities is having me back this year; staff just sent me this gorgeous new flyer!  Lovely, right?

Renée and I had a delicious time giving our online show last week, on January 31st.  If you missed it, watch the clip below – our very first-ever live performance of “Imbolc Song”!


Just released Imbolc Song!

Feb 4, 18

tadaa! And this isn’t even one of the ones I’d said I was planning to release this month! I hope you enjoy it. My lyrics and notes about the song are below.


Online show Jan 31; February Song Premieres and more!

Jan 27, 18

2018 has already been surprisingly positive and exciting for me, and we’ve barely gotten started.  I hope your life is full of good news, as well.


Did you know that this January 31st will give us a full moon which is both a Super Moon AND a Blue Moon, PLUS a full lunar eclipse?  
It will also be my wedding anniversary.  Hubby Ryan and I will have been married for two years, less than a week from now!  In celebration, I’ll be giving my next Concert Window broadcast with my song-sister Renée Janski – Renée is the clergy person who signed our marriage license.  Full moon, full circle!
We will begin our broadcast at 7pm Central (8p Eastern, 6p Mountain, 5p Pacific) and try to keep it to an hour so that everyone has more than enough time to see that beautiful moon, if the skies are clear.  Concert Window lets us sing for you in real time across the internet – there’s room for everybody!  Get your friends together, sign on, pay what you like, and enjoy! Click here to watch our Blue Moon Serenade.

More about Renée and her music

Renée and I will offer some special goodies for those who want them at this broadcast, for one time only:  special Blue Moon blended incense, Super Moon wish cards, jewelry, downloads, and more!



All right, I wasn’t supposed to have any concerts or do any touring until much later this year, but magical things always seem to happen around my birthday.  This year, two very magical things are happening, and I get to be there!  I’m letting you all know in case you’re able to be there, too, at either one.


Since it came up on social media…

Jan 2, 18

So I’m currently only on Patreon as a patron and not as a creator. But I do have a very simple monthly/yearly exclusive download subscription that you are all welcome to take part in if you wish. I send out an exclusive mp3 to my subscribers each month.  I have offered this (via PayPal) since 2009. No pressure on this. None. Zero. But you’re welcome to join us if you like and if your budget allows. It’s very un-fancy (I email everybody individually with a file or a link to stream/download and that’s it), but we have a good time. 

I use this as a way to try new things (for December I recorded an exclusive 15-minute podcast with unplugged live cuts of three of the new songs I wrote in 2017, plus some “talky bits” as brother Damh always says), to let you have sneak peeks of stuff before it’s released, and to share things I’ve had buried in hard drives for ages that nobody’s heard.  Sometimes I send out live performances of songs, but more often I send unreleased tunes or bits of narration, brand new things or older things that just haven’t had their turn yet. It keeps me creating and gives me a regular deadline, plus a little money for tea or gas or a donation to causes I care about. There are about 25 of us right now, and there will always be room for more.  Also, you can sign up or cancel at any time; whatever you need to do is ok with me. 

Happy 2018, all!  Here is the link to subscribe ($10 monthly or $100 yearly)

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