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Four PNW Shows!

Aug 8, 17

Folks, it’s been a lovely summer of low-key concerts for me so far, a large chunk of them shared with my friend Leslie Hudson, who’s based in Ontario & touring the US extensively by car for the first time.  We’ve torn up the road together from Oklahoma to Washington state, and it feels so good.    

Leslie and I will share four more concerts- two in Washington and two in Oregon -before we part ways later this month.  The Seattle-area shows are this weekend, and we’ll be on stage with my band Tricky Pixie for those!  Hoping for a big turnout, since Saturday and Sunday will be our only public Tricky Pixie concerts in the PNW this summer.  

Saturday evening, Leslie and the band and I will be in Kenmore, WA.  Get your tickets here!

Sunday evening, starting a bit earlier, we’ll all be in Silverdale, WA together.  Get tickets here!


After that, the band’s gonna say goodbye to Alec, our beloved faerietale fiddler, for a few weeks, but we’ll meet up again at Caldera Pagan Music Festival in Georgia!  Will you be there??  


Once Alec is safely on his way, Leslie and Betsy and I have our two Portland, Oregon shows.  Right now we’ve sold every seat for our show at The Sacred Well in Sellwood on Tuesday, August 15th, but we have a fair number of tickets left right now for the Wednesday, August 16th show.  Get yours!


Leslie has many, many more concerts in the US this year, and I recommend you find one if she’s coming through your home turf.  Find out more about her music and her tour here!


My year is very rich in bandmates so far, but I do have a couple of solo shows on the calendar.  🙂  There’s so much to tell, so much to look forward to!  Here’s the rest of the tour schedule for 2017, if you’re curious.




New Podcast goodness!

Aug 3, 17

Aleen Simms and K. Tempest Bradford, both brilliant creatives & awesome beings as far as I’m concerned, wove me deftly into their conversation on the most recent episode of their shared podcast, Originality.  The ep is solid & sounds great, and it features some of everyone’s most beloved Betsy Tinney songs, too!  “Alligator in the House” and “Dryad’s Promise” both get a little featured air time.  Good choices!  During each episode so far, Tempest and Aleen have played clips of guest interviews, sharing smart, nourishing, spontaneous discussion around the things that come up in those clips.  They’re great pod hosts, and this is their seventh episode.

Listen here!

When Tempest interviewed me, we talked about a little bit of everything: following your bliss & doing the work, what privilege looks like for those of us who work for ourselves, knowing where the line is between independence and self-sabotage, writing what we love, and collaboration.  Since episode 8 will be all about collaboration, Tempest said in this episode that she’ll be including some more of our interview in that episode.  

Check out the podcast here.  Support and subscribe if you’re able! 


I hope y’all enjoy listening and have some toothsome thoughts as you go.  This was an honor for me!


New Tune on Soundcloud

Aug 2, 17

Just posted this bad boy.  My first goth-industrial protest song. 



Lyrics and more info here.

My Digital Music is on sale July 6-20!

Jul 6, 17

A company called Groupees is helping me to offer a digital bundle sale of my music this month!  Even better? They’ll send a portion of the proceeds to a cause dear to my heart: the Buffalo River Watershed Alliance.  

You pick the price, and the more people who participate, the more music everyone gets. 🙂 

Check it out here!

Blind preorder is open today, and after today, Groupees will open up the bundle tiers so that everyone can see what they’ll be getting.  I was allowed to curate both the contents of the bundle and the tiers themselves, so I hope everybody enjoys what’s in there!  The higher tiers include the Traveling Songs tunes, in celebration of that promotion’s having just about one year of success now!  Thank you all for that, too. 🙂


Online Show Tonight, and a Special Invitation

Jul 1, 17

Join me on Concertwindow this evening from 8-9pm Central!

I’ll be dedicating a tune to my friend Travis Prinslow and his family tonight.  The decision was made to take Travis, who’d been gravely ill for many days, off of life support this morning.  He was the best of Lost Boys, part of our Faerieworlds family, and so I plan to sing “The Lost Girls’ Lament” for him tonight.  The song is as yet unreleased.  I wrote it specifically for my friend Shelly Riggs’ play, Pirate Girl, back in 2015.  In the play, the cast brought the whole house to tears with that song.  I am trying to get all of my crying out of the way this afternoon.  I invite all of you to sing with me tonight when I perform this piece.  You’ll pick it up very quickly, don’t worry.  And while I may not be able to hear you through my laptop screen, I’m betting that Travis will hear you just fine. 🙂   The lyrics are below.  

Thank you all for your support of my online shows!  Tonight’s will be number six this year!


The Lost Girls’ Lament c. S. J. Tucker, 2015

Lullaby for a pirate lost

Oh, Lullaby

Fearless and true to the end were you

Oh, Lullaby

May the stars hold your spirit, the sweet waves your bones

Oh, Lullaby

Watch over us now, wherever we roam

Oh, Lullaby

Oh, Lullaby, oh, Lullaby!

Watch over us now from the stars as we roam

Oh, Lullaby

Video update: July-Aug Tour dates & online show July 1st!

Jun 27, 17

Copied over from Facebook Live. Hope y’all like this more informal style of video blog!  It seemed handy and fast for a time when I have a lot to tell you. 🙂

Next Online Concert May 1st!

Apr 4, 17

Just scheduled my second monthly ConcertWindow broadcast, just in time for Beltane and May Day! I may be a little excited about the fact that I can FINALLY get y’all some live music without leaving the house. Sign on and get comfortable! I’ll start at 7pm Central on Monday, May 1st, 2017.  

Where to watch

Join the discussion and make requests on the Facebook event page!

Check out the highlights below from last night’s encore broadcast and my two April Fool’s Day weekend shows, which were all so successful that I can’t wait for the next one!  Couldn’t have made it work without friends, fans and family. Thank you SO much, everyone!





Encore Online Concert Tonight!

Apr 3, 17

Tune in on ConcertWindow at 7pm Central!  Click here!

Hi, gang! S. J. here. This online concert will be the third of three that I’m offering up in celebration of April Fool’s Day and my new fancy internet options at home. I may be a little excited about the fact that I can FINALLY get y’all some live music without leaving the house. Even with this being my third online concert in a row, I’ve still got lots to share. Sign on, pay what you want, and get comfortable! I’ve been writing new songs since January, but I have no in-person concerts until May. SO LET’S DO THIS THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY WAY, SHALL WE?

The broadcasts I gave over the weekend went SO well!  I’m thinking that I will go ahead and schedule the next one after tonight for May 1st.  If you like, you can follow me on my ConcertWindow channel so that you don’t miss it!

Concert Window Livestream March 31!

Mar 30, 17

This online concert will be one of at least two that I plan to offer up in celebration of April Fool’s Day and my new fancy internet options at home – one Friday March 31, one Saturday April 1, and hopefully an encore on Monday April 3.  I may be a little excited about the fact that I can FINALLY get y’all some live music without leaving the house.  No pressure to watch all three.  Just pick the one that fits your schedule best, and get comfortable!  I’ve been writing new songs since January, but I have no in-person concerts until May. 


See you then! 

Pay what you want, $1 and up!  

Go here: 



I’m troubleshooting the tech side of things this afternoon.  I admit that I get a little bit nervous when things don’t go swimmingly right away, but all is well.  I just may end up having to live stream via my smartphone instead of my laptop, as I had planned.  But we’ll see.  Talk about twenty-first century problems, right?  Wish me luck!


Late March Update

Mar 28, 17

Spring is creeping in and things are getting greener by the minute here at home in Arkansas.  


I spent a ton of time with my mother last week during her spring break, and that was a delight. We visited our favorite tiny, local museums together and volunteered at two of them. I was in such a happy place that I forgot to mark the birthday of my first album yesterday!  Haphazard is thirteen years old!


Mom, if you’re curious, is 67 as of March 27. She is saying she’ll retire from teaching at the end of this school year; we’ll see. 🙂 She’s one of the most generous, dedicated people I’ve ever known. I am a direct product of that generosity and dedication.

I got several mentions in a brand new music column that’s just begun, over at The Wild Hunt! Check it out here. Columnist Nathan Hall was great to talk to, and I think he’s going to do a fine job sharing his observations of our sweet little witchy music scene.

My concert schedule is filling out nicely from May through November!  I don’t have any live shows at this point until the first weekend of May, and while this was unexpected, it feels like a huge gift.  I’ll have a bit of extra time to keep recovering from my outpatient surgery last month, I’ll have a little more time to work in my recording studio, and I won’t have to fret that my practice time is suffering while I’m getting my taxes done. Ah, responsible adulthood!

As usual, I’ve got more new songs than I have time to record all at once.  Part of this is due to my weekly songwriting group, which is going for all 52 weeks of 2017!  We’re on week 13, and I’ve got a ton of new pieces already that I’m in love with.  I’m strongly considering giving a Concert Window broadcast very soon, so that you can all hear what I’ve been working on.  Watch this space.  I’ve got to do some troubleshooting to see if my internet capability meets the streaming requirements, but once I have that figured out, I’ll set a broadcast date and post it here.

Have a great week, everyone!


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