3 New Songs out today!

  1. For all of us who “don’t fit”: Girl with the Golden Ball
  2. For the strength in us when things get grim: Gosling Girl
  3. For my long-ago Train Family, and all of us who love Catherynne M. Valente’s stories: The Train Suite II: The Marginalia Line I hope these make your day a little brighter. Remember that any download or merch orders I receive today, Nov 6, Bandcamp will give me 100% and not take their usual cut. They’ve been doing this for musicians every month since the pandemic began. I have these new songs set up so that you can download them for free if you need to, but if you spend money on me today, know that I’ll get just about all of it. Shop here, and support your other faves if you’re able. We thank you.

Concert TONIGHT, new merch TOMORROW, new movie NOW!

I’m hoping y’all will be able to join me tonight, along with my story-sister Catherynne M. Valente, she whose works have inspired heaps of songs from me over the years.  We have cooked up quite the show for you, full of readings by Cat and songs by me, some of which I have rarely, if ever, sung for ANYONE outside my own house.  We also reminisce a bit and get into our feels about shared adventures past, and shared adventures present, such as they are.  NOTE: this is a longer online concert than any other I have given in almost a full year, clocking in at about two hours and twenty minutes.  If you can’t stay for the whole thing, we still want you with us.

Get your ticket and tune in here:

We begin at 7pm Central/8pm Eastern.


Once upon a time in 2006, at a science fiction convention in New York, author Catherynne M. Valente (the Fairyland series, Space OperaDeathless) introduced herself to unsuspecting songwriter S. J. Tucker.

Soon after, they hit the road as fast friends to share combined book launch-concert performances across North America. These shared shows often combined art auctions and guest dancers or circus arts acts with live music from Sooj & readings from Cat, and they ran from October 2006 to October 2013, across road maps, train tracks, and many a narrative arc.

It’s with a great deal of joy that these two fairytale ambassadors come to Online Concert Thing, their powers combined once more, to share that old roadshow goodness with you, across the internet. Cat will present readings from her various award winning works, and Sooj will pair those readings with songs of hers which Cat’s stories have inspired, such as “Firebird’s Child”, “Not the Villain”, or “Girl with the Lion’s Tail”.

We like to think that there’s nothing else like this little circus in all the wide world, and so we hope you will join us.

Bonus announcements:

-tomorrow brings another Bandcamp Friday, which means if you download music from me or purchase merch at, I will get 100% of the money you spend on me.  Everything I can afford to mark down is set up so that you can choose your own price (including free!) and whatever purchase you make, helps me keep working and singing.  I’ll be adding a new merch item to the store tonight- remember my children’s book, Rabbit’s Song, based on the Blessings track of the same name?  I can now ship those out personally, which means I can autograph them for you, right here at home!  

-Speaking of books, the Daughter of the White River audiobook I produced last year around this time, about the brief life of Arkansas folk hero Helen Ruth Spence, now has an accompanying documentary film!  The documentary is a VERY ROUGH, but very genuine edit called “the author’s cut”, it features an all-local cast and crew, and as of yesterday, you may purchase a download of it, along with a music bundle I put together which includes songs of mine officially licensed for the film.  Go here to check it all out:

-Later this month, I will give a short concert as part of the ATC’s Virtual Hekate’s Sickle festival.  Info on that is here:

-After that, I’m planning to take a break from online shows until mid-November, when I’ll share another reading-concert with the delightful Fire Lyte, brilliant poet and host of the Inciting A Riot podcast:

Thank you all for reading today and for making it to the online show tonight if you can.  Should you miss it, don’t worry.  We will have the recorded video available for purchase at  Also, if you’d like to join my Patreon or my website subscription, all of my patrons and subscribers get those videos for free each month after they occur.
Join Patreon:
Subscribe right here on my website:

Show with Catherynne M. Valente Oct 1, new press, new FILM, and new merch!

Come see Catherynne M. Valente and me do our reading-concert roadshow Thursday, Oct. 1, hosted by Online Concert Thing! The fun starts at 8pm Eastern, Cat will read to us, I will sing to you, and we’ll both offer some word goodies and some music goodies you can’t get anywhere else. Click here for your ticket! If you don’t yet know Cat’s work, I highly recommend her Patreon. She and I have been friends for most of our adult lives at this point- the promo photo up there is from a tour we shared in 2009, and I write a lot of songs about her books.

And speaking of books… 

It’s been eleven years since illustrator W. Lyon Martin, “Mama Dragon” Trudy Herring, and I created the Rabbit’s Song children’s book together. I realize some of you may not have known this even existed, but if you listen to my stuff, you’ve most likely heard the song. Well, this past week Lyon helped me acquire enough personal stock of the book that I can finally offer (signed!!) copies along with my CDs online! I’ll make these available for purchase on Oct 2nd, which is the next Bandcamp Friday! From Midnight to Midnight Pacific, Bandcamp will defer their percentage so that musicians who sell their work on Bandcamp will get 100% of the money you spend on us that day. Here’s my merch & downloads link!

And here’s my cute work crew (Captain at the helm and Lil’ Jesster as asst. tractor operator) bringing the pallet of books to my studio for me this past Wednesday. 

Meanwhile, podcast hosts dear to my heart have been as busy as the rest of us in these COVID19 times. Nightgaunt of The Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard podcast interviewed me for episode 31, about my history, magical practice and music, and parenting for weirdos, among other things. We had a great visit, as we always have. Listen here or look the podcast up on your favorite app.

In more hyperlocal news, it’s…ME! Reporter Courtney Lanning of the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper attended the online September 19 Pagan Pride Day show I shared with Heather Dale and Sharon Knight, and she wrote a sweet feature article about her experience of enjoying the music I make. Read it online here if you like! I’ve got some print copies coming my way because friends in town made it their personal mission to hunt them down for me. 

…that headline, though!! I think Courtney is good people, and I definitely want her to cover more of my concerts now!

One last thing; I know I’ve loaded this post with a lot for y’all to take in. Remember how I have this devotion to the folklore and interesting history of the place I come from?

Remember how I wrote a song about, and then narrated for Audible Denise Parkinson’s book about Arkansas’ Depression-era folk hero Helen Ruth Spence, who only lived to be twenty-two years old?

Remember how I mentioned that Team Helen was hoping to produce and release a documentary film to accompany the book that would further celebrate the Arkansas Delta, the White River houseboat communities of the early 1900s, and Helen’s brief, spirited life?

It’s happening! Denise will host a watch party of “the author’s cut” version of the documentary film in just a few days, and I’ll be helping her get the word out about it! I’m also working out how to host downloads of a combo package to include this rough edit of the film and the music that Team Helen officially licensed from me early on! I’ll hopefully be able to offer that combo as a download on October 2nd as well, at my same merch link, and also at the brand new River Sisters Productions page!

As far as I know, the watch party will be September 30, hosted by the DeWitt Era-Enterprise’s Facebook page here, courtesy of podcast host Deane Marks. If that changes, I’ll update this post to reflect the new info. 

Here I am location scouting with Denise in early 2018, within sight of the historic White River Bridge at Clarendon, before the Federal Government ordered it destroyed, instead of preserved like the Delta landmark it deserved to be.

OKAY I THINK THAT’S EVERYTHING FOR NOW. Oof. Thanks for checking out any and all of this, my dears. Stay safe, please.

New interview + live from my bathroom??

Tonight, if you’re free, join me in the YouTube chat for “Witches & Wine”, a casual interview show which welcomed Ryan and me as their guests for their most recent episode! Here’s the link, set up as a premiere for this evening. If you miss it, no worries; the show will be available to watch later without the live chat.

CW: visible alcohol in glasses & a wine bottle; adult language, magical practice, parenting. You’ll also hear my one and only song about a butthole, currently exclusive to the interview. Surprise!

And now for the silliest guest star opportunity I’ve accepted this year (it’s gonna be great)!

Many of you already know my band buddies Tuatha Dea from Tennessee. If you don’t, look them up. I love this band to death, and they’ve always felt like family when we’ve had the good luck to share shows over the past five years. We keep in touch pretty regularly, and so when Danny got in touch last week, I didn’t turn down the chance to be part of their Patreon concert this coming Sunday, even with the added condition that I would have to be brave/silly enough to perform for you IN MY BATHROOM.

Did I mention said bathroom looks like a mermaid cave?

Support the band for $20 to watch this ridiculousness, plus all their other streamed concerts for the month! It’s a steal.

Hoping this post cheers y’all up a tiny bit whenever you see it. Love you, stay safe, wash your hands, don’t lose heart.

New song today, online show July 19!

It’s about halfway between “Chalk on the Sidewalk” and “1157” in groove and emotion, and it was inspired by recent acts of what’s been called magical activism.  My hope is that it will recharge us all a bit, most especially those who’ve been hard at work, whether that work involves keeping their communities going however they can, keeping the world going as an essential worker, or keeping positive change on the move.  

As it’s Bandcamp Friday today, if you download tunes or purchase CDs from me and from my colleagues who sell our music there, we will get 100% of that income.  It’s not the first time Bandcamp has done that for us since the pandemic arrived, and it makes a huge difference.  Whatever day you happen to download the new song, you may do so at the price of your choice- that includes free.  Thank you all for your listening ears and for your support, always.

Later this month, on Sunday July 19 at 2pm CDT (3 Eastern, 1 Mtn, Noon Pacific, and 7pm GMT), I’ll give an online show over at my usual digital hangout, Online Concert Thing.  I hope you’ll join me! This concert is a themed one, so I’m practicing all my tunes about flying creatures.  Here’s the link to watch, followed by the details:

It’s easy to feel as though we’re hobbled during this particularly strange summer of 2020, easy to feel as if our wings are clipped and bound. Join songwriter S. J. Tucker for a concert filled with original songs to help us get to feeling a little lighter and a little more magical, no matter what. Exclusive tip rewards will be available during the show, including music and video downloads, handwritten lyrics, and hand-painted treasures sure to catch a magpie’s eye. Sooj will present a themed performance on vocals, guitars, and percussion, made up of songs of hers which feature flying creatures. Be welcome. Soar with us for a while.

In the not-distant future, I’ll give two online shows with a little bit of a Tricky Pixie surprise thrown in! Please mark your calendars for my contributions to Virtual Hexenfest 2020, September 11 & 12 at 2pm CDT!  We’ll have firm details and ticket links posted at Online Concert Thing once we’re a little closer to time.

Other fun news:

Song sis Marian Call just released her new record for pre-order!  Get the info and listen to the first single here:

Or cussword-free here:

Canadian song sis Heather Dale has been releasing a whole flock of gorgeous new songs as part of a project she calls Incantations!  More info here:

My dear friend Elizabeth McClellan, poet of no small shakes, launched her Patreon yesterday, and I recommend it:

You are all welcome to join me on Patreon if you like:

Or subscribe on my website for monthly goodies if you prefer: 

I’ve got some cool sneak peeks in the works to share with subscribers and Patrons for this month. I’ll hopefully have time to gather those goodies this weekend.

Please stay safe this weekend, especially if you’re celebrating.  Hang in there, however you do, because I look forward to the hugs from those who want them when we get through “these wild, wild times.”  

Another new single today!

Hi, everyone; I hope your Father’s Day weekend is starting off right.
I’m still safe at home with my husband and son, and I’m wishing all of you well and safe every day.
My two online shows this month were just grand, and I’m sending and creating all the tip reward goodies people chose from my June 14 stream.  If you’d like to shop those at any time, show or no show, and please do, click here!

The big news: my little Traveling Song “Chalk on the Sidewalk” from 2015 got a major glowup this week. Renée Janski & Ginger Doss recorded with me remotely, all of us sheltering in place, and I mixed all our tracks together here at home yesterday.

I swear I wrote this five years ago, and not in recent weeks, surreal and heartbreaking as that may be.

Paid downloads today will help support the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, in honor of Juneteenth. Click here or in the player above to get the song at whatever price you choose. Donate directly here.

If you’re interested to hear how far this little song has come, here’s the original Traveling Songs demo.

Please remember to uplift & listen to Black voices, musicians of color, and people of color.  Support Black businesses & content creators.  Check your social media feeds & see how diverse they are, and learn, and listen. This work is lifetime, and we need it.

Other joyful news: Online Concert Thing is hosting FOUR concerts this weekend, including one artist new to the platform, Apryl Knight! Apryl’s first concert is airing as I type, and I’m listening to her mad hurdy-gurdy skills, bopping in my seat!  Her second one will air tomorrow afternoon (Saturday), followed by returning artist Rachel Huitsing in the evening.  Then, on Father’s Day Sunday, dulcimer and guitar master Steve Eulberg returns to celebrate and sing with us.  More info on all the shows here.

Just for fun, if you’d like to see the two cover photo outtakes I shared earlier today, one with a little Jesse photobomb, here they are in my public post about “Chalk on the Sidewalk” over at Patreon.

Last thing: I have not yet scheduled any online shows for the month of July, so if you have a date/day of the week/time of day preference, please write and let me know so that I can take it into account!

June shows & news

It’s time for me to invite you all to the online shows I have this month!  I’ll be back at Online Concert Thing on Sunday, June 14, at my usual 2pm CDT time slot, for a solo concert I’m calling “Tunes for June”.  Please join me if you can. 
Click here to choose your ticket price!

June 17 at 3pm CDT, a Wednesday afternoon, I’ll give a streamed benefit concert for Pagan Spirit Gathering, which is another witchy festival that’s adapted itself to be an online one this season, in order to give its community the chance to stay both connected and safe from community transmission of coronavirus.  That show will be available on the festival’s Facebook group – click here.  If you miss it when I’m live, don’t worry.  PSG will keep the video of the show available on their page for one week, so you’ll hopefully have another opportunity to see it after the fact.  I’m happy to help support this event, which I was scheduled to perform for live this month, back before we knew we had a pandemic on our hands.  We adapt, we survive, we support each other.  That’s what life is.

Click here for the full schedule of Virtual Pagan Spirit Gathering 2020.  Other beloved witchy musicians will give shows over the course of several days as well, including Meren King, Beltana Spellsinger, Spiral Rhythm, Thundersirens, and Celia!

Other events this month I want to make sure you’re aware of:

1. Online Concert Thing is hosting the QuaranTUNE Dulcimer Festival all weekend long, now through June 7!  This is the biggest thing we’ve hosted in the history of the platform, and I can tell you that the performers I’ve personally heard who are involved are seriously good. We’re talking 30 different concerts from 30 different people, at least!  Check it out here.

2. Ginger Doss and Lynda Millard will be back to give a show with Online Concert Thing on Friday, June 12 at 7pm CDT!  Those of you who’ve been with me for a while know how highly I think of these two.  Please catch their show if you’re able.  Get the info here.

3. My buddy MoJo Kemp, cohost of The Wigglian Way podcast, will give his very first online show at Online Concert Thing on June 28 at noon CDT!  Info here!

Yesterday I made $1300 from downloads on my Bandcamp site alone. You all helped me be able to support The Arkansas Freedom Fund, Mid-South Peace & Justice Center, and Seattle BLM. Thank you, from the center of my soul. Thank you all. Stay safe.  Keep learning, keep loving, keep fighting, keep listening, keep singing, keep resisting.  I wish you ever so well, today and always.

Trickster Prayer single released today!


I released my beloved song “Trickster Prayer” as a single this morning, and I hope you will all get a moment to hear and enjoy it. 
Click here to listen and download – you choose the price, as with most everything else I have available right now. Thanks to Ben Deschamps for mastering the track, my husband Ryan for helping me take the image for the cover, Sherry Kirk for the gift of that (ethically gathered & prepared) coyote skull in the cover image, and Betsy Tinney of course, for her beautiful work on cello.

It was important to me to release something new today because Bandcamp will once again give 100% of download revenue for the day to all artists like me who sell their digital music downloads and physical CDs/merch there.

I’ll be giving half of everything I make to community bail funds for the places here in the US where I’ve left my heart, and I am far and away not the only musician planning to do so.

It isn’t enough. It’s not even a speck upon the mountain of work we all must do to turn our world around where ending systemic racism is concerned, but it will, I hope, be something. With your support, it surely will.  Click here for a list of community bail funds across the US.  My plan is to send donations from today’s music earnings to the Arkansas Freedom Fund, the Mid-south Peace Community BLM Fund, and the BLM Seattle Freedom Fund, in that order.  If I make a ton of money today, I’ll contribute to additional bail funds.  If you’d like to send a donation also, please do.


I released a new song this morning, and you may have it at the price of your choosing (that includes free, if free is what you need). Check it out in the player up top.

I wrote “Star Maps” in 2017 and had not yet made plans to record or release it when my online show audience this past month fell utterly in love with it.  Thanks to them for the push to polish and set this one free.  It’s all about missing your people when you can’t be face to face, and how we’re all more connected than we might even be able to imagine, stars in each others’ sky.  I hope you like it.

For the second time since the pandemic took hold, Bandcamp, the company who hosts my downloads & CD ordering page, is today waiving their cut of music sales.  So it’s a great day to purchase downloads and CDs from artists like me.  I have set everything I can afford to do this with to “name your price” at —that means if you need it for free while we’re all navigating this strange spring together, free is ok by me.  Please help yourselves.  

—I’m only giving one online show this month so that I can catch my breath a bit and have some more time, hopefully, to work on recording.  It’ll be another Sunday afternoon concert, May 17 at 2pm CDT (3pm Eastern, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific, 7pm GMT) hosted by Online Concert Thing once again.  Get your ticket at the price you choose here:

–I’ve been working behind the scenes in recent weeks with the Online Concert Thing team to help manage all their new social media pages!  Please subscribe to the new Online Concert Thing YouTube channel if you don’t mind:  I’ve already made one exclusive new interview video for it, and I’ve promised at least one more exclusive video of some sort, to be edited and posted very soon!  I’ll be shouting about the new OCT Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram soon as well.

Shows and festivals continue to evaporate from my tour calendar, including big events like Pagan Spirit Gathering next month, and a trip to Finland I hadn’t even been able to announce yet, and while I know this is the right thing for event organizers to do in order to keep us all safe, I freely admit that I am doing a lot of processing about it, even grieving.  I also worry about friends and fans who have had the rug utterly pulled out from under them where things to look forward to are concerned.  Festival season means a lot to so many of us, and well, this year it just isn’t meant to be.  We must be wise and find other ways to reach and reach out to each other.  Please don’t lose heart.  Know that if you’re also grieving current events, loss of normalcy, loss of work, and of course loss of loved ones, you are not alone.  Keep watching the stars. Keep shining. Keep singing. I’ll be right here with you. 

New interview, online shows April 22 & 25!

Online Concert Thing, the platform that hosts my online shows, has a new YouTube channel, and we’ve put up a short interview video from me, just under five minutes. Watch below if you please (and find out what I had for breakfast, lol, plus how it feels to do more online shows vs. in-person shows).  Captions coming soon.

I promised to film a second exclusive for the channel as soon as it got its first 100 subscribers, and that goal is now met! I’ve had requests for a mini tour of the pretty trees and flowers where I live (and where it’s safe to show them to you whilst also social distancing & staying home), recording studio time, and a new song.  I’m thinking of combining all three of those somehow.

Reminder: Celia and I BOTH have live online shows for Earth Day (tomorrow, April 22) hosted by – I start at 2pm CDT/7pm GMT, and she starts at 7pm CDT! Make a day of it with us if you have the time.  Just click the link above for tickets and more info.  

If you miss my Earth Day show, don’t worry.  You can watch it again at that same link, on April 25th at 8pm CDT during our 2-act replay–my Earth Day set is Act 1, and my Evening in Eleusis show inspired by the Greek gods and myths, never before streamed on the platform, is Act 2! You’re also welcome to become a monthly or yearly subscriber, or join my Patreon. With either of those, regardless of the subscription or pledge level you choose, you’ll get access to the archived videos, which I’ll share early next month.

Hang in there, everyone.  Thanks for staying connected with me during this strange springtime of ours.  Hope to see you for one or both of the online shows this week.